A artwork called Cappuccino


A artwork called Cappuccino

Cappuccino must be familiar to you right? A cup of coffee is like a work of art created by artisans. Cappuccino is such a work of art. So why is it called so, where does it come from and how to create it, let’s find out with Duong Cafe!


Origin of Cappuccino coffee

Nowaday, it has become a famous drink in the world, loved by everyone.

“Cappuccino” in Italian is a tuxedo hat. It also comes from the shirt-colored story of 13th-century Capuchin monks whose color is similar in color to a cup of cappuccino. First, cappuccino is made from hot and solid chocolate and fresh cream. After 1820, people created chocolate powder sprinkled on fresh cream. So far, although there have been new creations, this is still the original cappuccino. Therefore, cappuccino comes from this story.

As usual, cappuccino coffee is served in cups made of stone or porcelain, thick and preheated. Along with creativity, people create very unique shapes on the surface of coffee cup.

In the hometown of cappuccino coffee, people almost drink this coffee at breakfast time. A light breakfast with a cup of cappuccino makes Italy’s very own style. In recent years, cappuccino coffee has been available in all countries and has become one of the most popular coffee drinks worldwide.

The main ingredient in cup Cappuccino

Called Cappuccino is very interesting. This is a luxurious and sophisticated drink. Therefore, the cup used to enjoy Cappuccino coffee must be made of stone or porcelain, with thick walls to keep the coffee hot for a long time. When serving customers, separation must be reheated before serving to bring the best cups of coffee.

Today, a cup of Cappuccino consists of three main parts: espresso, hot milk and bubbling milk. Along with new tastes, people often put on some cup of Cappuccino with cocoa powder or cinnamon powder. The bartender often uses a skillful spoon or spoon while sprinkling flour to create artistic shapes (heart shape, clouds, butterflies, etc.).

The cappuccino is not too strong for coffee, it is not too sweet for milk, it has a deep and light coffee flavor, and the faint aroma of cream mixed with the fat of milk.

Just a mouthful of hot sips, you will be conquered immediately. The feeling of enjoyment when enjoying a delicious dish with a refreshing mood, a clear mind, lucid.

It is said that a dish must be beautiful in the previous form and then taste. In a cup of cappuccino, the froth is specially cared for. A cup of coffee only converges so many factors. In terms of aesthetics, it makes the cup of coffee more beautiful and attractive. In terms of flavor, it helps increase fat, aroma, reduce the bitterness and bitterness of coffee. Physically, it helps to keep the heat of the coffee and milk layers down longer. And finally this foam layer is a performing art. Whether the work is beautiful or not depends on the skill of the bartender.

Cappuccino is only delicious when hot.

Cách dùng cappuccino

How is cappuccino used?

At Vietnamese cafes, cappuccino is served at almost every day of the day. Our Vietnamese, often use Cappuccino in the morning, noon and all night.

However, in the country that produces it, cappuccino is used again after 11 am. Because they drink coffee after a meal will interfere with the body’s ability to digest food so they usually use cappuccino to add flavor to a full breakfast.

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