A special attraction of ICED MILK COFFEE

A special attraction of ICED MILK COFFEE

“iced milk” coffee is simply called iced coffee. This is still a favorite drink with many people. A popular Vietnamese drink is traditionally made from blended coffee with sweetened condensed milk and put in ice (or hot) in a glass glass.

Cach pha ca phe sua da
How to make iced milk coffee

Vietnam-style iced milk coffee includes roasted and ground coffee or pre-mixed, sweetened condensed milk (usually using Ong Tho’s milk). Usually a portion of coffee, 1 or two parts of milk. The sweet or bitter taste depends on the taste of each person and the proportion of milk. This milk coffee is served with lots of ice to bring about a better taste. Referring to iced milk coffee with iced black coffee is mentioning two types of drinks from popular coffee at coffee shops as well as at home in Vietnam.

But to ask how to make a glass of iced milk coffee, not everyone knows the secret. Today, Duong cafe will tell you how to make a delicious coffee:

Raw materials in how to make ice milk coffee:

Ground coffee powder


Sweetened condensed milk

How to perform:

+ Step 1: Add 2-3 tablespoons of powder to the filter, you should give a little bit to ensure the consistency for the milk brown coffee cup. After putting in the filter, you shake gently to spread the coffee, making the coffee flat, it will be easier to compress.

+ Step 2: Pour condensed milk into a cup with an amount that fits your preference. If you want to drink sweet, you can give a lot of milk. If you like to drink more bitter coffee, you can reduce the milk.

+ Step 3: Put the lid on the coffee again. If this section has a compression pin, tighten it to compress the coffee down (a spatula or spatula). Before making delicious iced coffee, put a spoonful of hot water first to moisten and help the coffee to expand. This is the secret of how to make iced milk coffee that you need to remember to help the coffee bloom more, when it comes to boiling water, it will run slowly, dripping coffee is denser.

+ Step 4: Boil water and pour slowly into the coffee pot for coffee to absorb gradually. You pour a sufficient amount of water, a little too much coffee is okay.

+ Step 5: During the process of waiting for dripping coffee, if you see a quick flow, you tighten the coffee compression plug more. If the coffee flows quickly, you should adjust the compression latch to make your ice-cream blending to get the most amount of water.

+ Step 6: Finally, wait for the coffee to drip and you have the delicious and delicious coffee milk. When drinking, just add a few small ice cubes to taste better.

But please note that:

In order to produce a delicious cup of coffee, apart from having a good blend of secret, it depends very much on other factors such as coffee, milk quality and water temperature.

Come to Duong Cafe, we are committed to bringing the best quality coffee products to you. For further information, please contact:

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