Address luwak coffee prestige in Ha Noi

Dia chi ca phe CHON uy tin Ha Noi

Address luwak coffee prestige in Ha Noi

Luwak coffee is the famous coffee in the world. In Viet Nam, this is one of the best types of coffee. But, when you know that it is processed, do you want to try??

Dia chi ca phe CHON uy tin Ha Noi


Luwak coffee is a specialty luwak coffee of Dak Lak, it is considered a valuable specialty of the Dak Lak plateau.

Luwak coffee is a name not strange to the coffee devotees. This is considered a premium coffee with a special flavor, unique scent.

In the last 5 years to 7 years, Dak Lak coffee industry has attracted the attention of many people because of the revival of legendary luwak coffee – the drink is classified as the rare and most expensive in the world – the region famous land in the country and abroad in terms of coffee size and productivity is known as the mecca of Vietnamese coffee.

Huyen Thoai Viet is the best selling place for luwak coffee in Vietnam, with long-standing prestige and trusted by domestic and foreign agencies as gifts and gifts for partners, used in associations. Major domestic and foreign. The coffee is now known as Japan, Korea, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, .. as a beverage for the occasion.

2. Processing

In Vietnam there are many species of luwak, but only two species which eat coffee that is “Chon Moc” and “Chon Huong”. Mature luwak weighs about 8 kg of this kind of quality does not bring them so they are less raised for coffee. The weasel is about 3 kg – this type of weasel is often chosen by many farms to produce luwak coffee. In order to raise high-yielding beekeepers, it is necessary to ensure compliance with many rigorous standards by experts.

After 3 to 4 hours, the weasel secretes pure whole coffee beans. One night, a ferret exorcises nearly a centimeter of coffee beans. To get 1 kg of luwak coffee beans, on average there must be 10 kg freshly ripened coffee.

After harvesting the “product” weasel secreted, coffee beans are washed, dried, packaged to ensure a moisture content of 12% (while the normal export coffee has a moisture content of 14 to 15%). . A coffee, a ferret, only harvested 5 to 6 kg of luwak coffee. Contact Us Legend to be advised about the use of luwak coffee for the health of users.

Dia chi ca phe CHON uy tin Ha Noi

3. Feelings

When mixing and enjoying properly, you will discover the smell of coffee is very distinctive, the smell of coffee is sweet and mixed with the smell of chocolate, the smell of fresh fruit, mixed with the smell. The scorching heat of the burned malt whiskey blooms on the nasal cavity, overwhelms the sinuses, and reaches the top of the head. Deep coffee, attached and steamed – It is different from conventional coffee.

4. Address

At Duong Coffee, we always bring the best quality products and flavors. The products include: Coconut coffee, chocolate coffee, Black coffee và Moka, Excelsa, Kopi luwak, Weasel,…The products are the creativity of Duong Cafe.


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