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Ca phe Chon - Dang cap - Sang trong

The address provides prestigious and quality Weasel coffee products in Hanoi. 100% clean Weasel coffee commitment with reasonable price and safety for customers.

  1. Introduction

The weasel coffee is the specialty weasel coffee of Dak Lak, which is considered a precious specialty of the Dak Lak plateau.

Weasel coffee is an unfamiliar name for coffee believers. This is considered a premium coffee with a special flavor and unique scent.

In the last 5 years to 7 years, Dak Lak coffee industry has attracted the attention of many people because of the revival of the legendary coffee weasel – the drink is classified as the rarest and most expensive in the world – the region The land which is famous in and out of the country for coffee scale and productivity is known as the mecca of Vietnamese coffee.

Dia chi ca phe CHON uy tin Ha Noi

Duong Cafe is the best selling-place weasel coffee in Vietnam. With a long-term reputation and trusted by high-level agencies inside and outside the country and used as gifts and gifts to partners. Besides, Weasel coffee is also used in large conferences in the country and abroad. Weasel coffee products are now selected by countries such as Japan, Korea, Australia, Holland, Poland, etc. to receive drinks during the reception.

2. Processing

In Vietnam there are many species of weasel, but only 2 species of coffee fruit are Ferrets and Weasels. Mature ferrrets weighing about 8 kg of this type does not provide the desired quality so they are less raised for coffee. Also weasel incense about 3 kg. This Weasel is often adopted by many farms to produce weasel coffee. In order to raise the economic weasel, it is necessary to ensure compliance with many rigorous standards researched by experts.

Dia chi ca phe CHON uy tin Ha Noi

Weasels incense after eating, from 3 to 4 hours, weasel excreted pure coffee beans with raw husk layer. One night, a weasel excreted nearly 1 teaspoon of coffee beans. To get 1 kg of mink coffee beans, on average, there must be 10 kg of fresh ripe coffee.

Dia chi ca phe CHON uy tin Ha Noi

After harvesting “products”, weasels are excreted, coffee beans are washed, dried, packaged to ensure 12% moisture. Meanwhile, normal export coffee has a moisture content of 14 to 15%. A coffee crop, a ferret only harvests 5 to 6 kg of mink coffee. Learn more about other useful articles of Duong Cafe to get more interesting information about mink coffee and weasel coffee use for users’ health.

3. Feelings:

When brewing and enjoying it properly, you will discover the taste of very characteristic Mink Coffee. The strong aroma of coffee mixed with the smell of chocolate, the smell of ripe fruit, mixed with the slight smell of burnt bread with malt … All the flavor burst into the nostrils, flooded with sinuses, and up to the top of the head. Post-coffee flavor deep, nostalgic and attractive. That is the difference compared to regular coffee.

At Duong Cafe, we offer you two premium weasel products: Kopi Luwak and Weasel. With these two products, you are completely assured of the quality and price that Duong Cafe provides. Duong Cafe Co., Ltd. is committed to 100% CLEAN Mink coffee. If customers have any findings about coffee quality, we will reimburse 100% of the product value.

With each product, we send to you the beautiful small coffee filter. Making coffee at home is not a problem for coffee lovers. The taste of coffee will make it impossible for those who enjoy it for the first time.

Ca phe Chon - Dang cap - Sang trong
Weasel Coffee – Class – Luxury

Kopi Luwak and Weasel are two extremely valuable and meaningful gifts. Express luxury and premium. This gift also shows the status and value of each person.

4. How to order weasel coffee:

To buy weasel coffee at Duong Cafe Co., Ltd, you can choose one of the following ways:

Order directly on the company website at: Duongcafe.com

– When receiving the application, we will call back immediately.

Call directly to the company’s hotline phone number. We are always waiting for you (24/24).

Businesses buy large quantities to make gifts for partners or promotions, etc.. Call hotline: 0912.104.901.

Go directly: No. 107C Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Ca phe Chon - Qua tang cao cap
Coffee Mink – Premium gift

Duong Cafe always growing every day for a great coffee experience for customers. Let’s accompany Duong Cafe. Bringing Vietnamese coffee farther not only in the domestic market but also in the international arena.











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