Arabica – a gift for coffee connoisseurs


Robusta and Arabica are two of the main coffee lines grown in the world. Through the previous posts of Duong Cafe, you have understood somewhat about these two popular types of coffee. However, there are characteristics that not everyone understands about Arabica flavor. Only people who are really knowledgeable and knowledgeable about coffee can know and distinguish it.

Newly said, Arabica is a gift for coffee connoisseurs. Why? Duong Cafe will help you answer this question!

Varied taste

Huong vi ca phe dich thuc
Authentic coffee flavor

Arabica is sour and mixed with mild bitter taste. When mixed, the water is light brown, clear of amber. Arabica scent is very elegant and noble. Not only that, Arabica also has the smell of syrup, the smell of fruit, blends with a little sweet taste of honey. Arabica conquered the most gourmets in the world.

Feeling flawed

Unfortunately, most Vietnamese do not think that coffee is sour. Many people think that it only tastes bitter, but does not taste sour. The sweetness of coffee is also created by sugar, milk or honey. Those who have enough information and awareness about this premium coffee. Not many people can sit and sip Arabica coffee and feel its full flavor.

Duong Cafe – awaken perfect taste buds

Arabica coffee is one of the leading products of Duong Cafe. With origin from the farm in Lam Dong plateau, the Arabica coffee paradise of Vietnam. Moka offers coffee with a taste comparable to the world’s best coffee, Moka. The product of Duong Cafe Arabica coffee ensures to contain a full range of its wonderful flavors. The sour and sour taste mixed with bitterness with an ecstatic, elegant fragrance. With charming, gentle taste like a girl. This deserves to be a precious gift for those who are sophisticated in coffee. Unique taste awakens anyone’s intense passion.

With rustic design that is luxurious. Black-brown, environmentally friendly tones. The packaging is coated with Silver inside, ensuring the preservation of both taste and best quality. Duong Cafe sends you Arabica coffee products (250 gr / pack). The product is very suitable as a gift for relatives, friends or partners, big customers.

Ca phe Arabica nguyen chat

Duong Cafe is proud to be the company providing products of powdered coffee, soluble, quality slag with many rich flavors, meeting the needs of customers.

Duong Cafe COMMITMENT Quality – Prestige of the partner is ALL!

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