Arabica – a gift for coffee connoisseurs

Arabica – a gift for coffee connoisseurs

Robusta and Arabica are two of the major coffee varieties which grown around the world. Through the previous articles of Duong Cafe, you understand a part about them. However, there are characteristics that not everyone understands the taste of Arabica. Only those who really know and connoisseur of coffee can understand and distinguish.

So, Arabica is a gift for coffee connoisseurs. Why? Duong Cafe will help you answer this question !

Diversified taste

Arabica has a sour taste mixed with bitter taste. When mixed, the water is light brown. The aroma of Arabica is very elegant, noble. Not only that, Arabica also has the smell of syrup, the smell of fruit, mixed with some sweet taste of honey. Arabica conquered the most sophisticated food people in the world.

huong vi arabica
hương vị arabica

Feeling deficiency

Unfortunately, most Vietnamese do not think coffee has sour taste. Many people believe that it is only bitter, but do not have sour taste. The sweetness of coffee is also due to sugar, milk or honey. Anyone who has enough information and awareness about this premium coffee. Not many people can sip a cup of Arabica coffee and feel the full flavor of it.

Duong Cafe – Awaking perfect taste

Arabica coffee is one of the prominent products of Duong Cafe. Originated from the farm in Lam Dong, Arabica coffee paradise of Vietnam. Where coffee is served with flavor comparable to the world’s best coffee (Moka). Duong Cafe’s Arabica coffee is sure to contain the full flavor of its inherent. The sour taste mixed with bitter sweet and ecstatic, elegant. Stylish, charming as a girl. This is a worthy gift for those who love cafe. The unique taste awakens the intense passion of anyone.


With a rustic design and luxurious. Dark brown tone, it’s ico-friendly. Silver wrapped inside, ensuring the preservation of both taste and quality is the best. Duong Cafe sends you Arabica coffee (pakage 250g). The product is suitable for gifts to relatives, friends or partners, large customers.


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