Arabica Vietnam – THE BEST region growing coffee in the world


Arabica Vietnam – THE BEST region growing coffee in the world

Nature has given our country agricultural conditions that many countries have to dream of. Therefore, our agricultural products are one of the main export products. It must be mentioned that rice, tea, coffee, and pepper, etc. Vietnam ‘s climate and soil are suitable for growing coffee trees, especially Arabica.

Ca phe Arabica

In recent years, Vietnamese coffee has always been of interest to the world. Export volume has increased continuously in recent years. In Vietnam, many places of delicious Arabica cultivation such as Lam Dong, Son La, Dien Bien, Hue, Quang Tri, …

Arabica coffee plants are usually grown at an altitude of 1000-1600m. This is an industrial plant with large canopy, dark green, oval-shaped leaves. Arabica seeds are slightly longer, larger than Robusta seeds. Arabica has a light, sour taste, but caffeine content is very moderate, so it is very popular.

Duong cafe will introduce you the 3 best Arabica coffee growing areas in Vietnam:

  1. Da Lat

Referring to Vietnamese coffee is mentioning the rich basalt land of Tay Nguyen. This place is favored by nature for fertile coffee land.

Arabica is grown in districts such as Lam Ha, Don Duong, Duc Trong, Di Linh, etc. This place is considered the best Arabica land in Vietnam. Even, this coffee flavor is assessed as not inferior to the world’s best coffee flavor (Moka).

This land is like Arabica coffee paradise. The climate and the tropical climate seem to give this place only.

  1. Dien Bien and Son La

In the past, people still think coffee is grown only in the Central Highlands. But you are indeed do not know. In the north, the climate is cold due to the influence of the northeast monsoon, the rainfall is also quite large, the dry season is not clear, which are also favorable conditions for the development of Arabica varieties. Here, it has also formed for a long time the wonderful coffee areas like Yen Binh, Son La and Dien Bien. People say this is like the Sao Paulo region of Brazil. International customers appreciate the quality of the coffee here.

Specially, it is Sinh Ban coffee, Chieng Ban of Son La. Although not grown in basalt red soil, it is not on the ideal height as in Tay Nguyen, but Son La has a group of yellow red soil suitable for coffee plants such as Fs, Fv, … One of the special points helps people Coffee farmers are very idle, that is, they do not have to irrigate, but coffee plants still grow strongly.

  1. Quang Tri, Nghe An

The sunny and windy Central region also has good coffee areas like Khe Sanh and Phu Quy, which are very suitable for growing Arabica. This place is being studied by scientists to bring in the varieties of Arabica coffee with higher quality and productivity.

Each region has a different condition and produces different coffee flavors. Vietnam’s coffee brand has been gradually asserted in the world. Demonstrating that famous coffee brands also began to choose Vietnamese coffee.


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