Autumn coffee in Hanoi

Thu Ha Noi da ve

Autumn coffee in Hanoi

Hanoi is starting to change seasons. The breeze, light rays, yellow leaves fall gently to the tree. Especially there is something that is not mixed in. That is the smell of milk flowers. The milk flowers began to bloom. The light breeze swings the flowers, making them appear fragrant sometimes. Just passing by, a slight scent flew over. Very strange feeling. If you’re a romantic lover, you just want to stop inhaling the scent forever. Hanoi autumn is gentle and pleasant.

Flowers in Autumn

Autumn Hanoi is a topic that has gone into poetry, music of many poets and artists. It must have something special, it must be so impressive. Not every place has a lot of inspiration to compose like the fall of Hanoi. Being born and raised in this land of Hà Thành, every time I come to the city, I will bring a lot of feelings

The poet Huu Thinh has had verses about this autumn:


“The river is massive

Birds start rushing

There is a summer cloud

Squeeze half of me to collect

There are still many sunshine

The rain has faded

Thunder also less surprising

On older trees.”

Enjoy Hanoi autumn coffee

The autumn of the North is beautiful and romantic. In Hanoi, it is even more special. Those who have been attached to this place will probably have a different feeling each autumn exam. One autumn morning on the weekend, sit and sip a hot coffee, watching the rays pierce through the window. Take a sip of coffee and inhale the coldness of the early winter winds. What’s more wonderful when you enjoy coffee with your lover.

Is that why the Hanoi people are known to have a taste for coffee in no hurry. Is it reasonable, they want to enjoy every drop of coffee and enjoy the outside. Perhaps this is the basis for the saying: “Hanoi is in no hurry.” Yes !!

If you do not have time to go to the coffee shop “to be beautiful” to be able to drink coffee while watching autumn. A cup of chocolate or silver coffee brewing at home is a perfect idea. You know, you discover your concoction.

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