Bac Xiu (white coffee) is a delicious, favorite coffee smoothie of young people

Bac Xiu is a kind of coffee smoothie, but when you are more mature, you become more enjoy bold coffee?

Most young people drink coffee for the first time and hate it. You too, coffee is bitter and somehow adults can love it.

But then when we grow up, we once again realize that coffee is everywhere, everywhere. Coffee is present in the meeting room, on the desk, and also with friends.

Fortunately, even if you’ve never drank coffee for the second time in your life and still hate it, you always have other options. In adolescence, we start to call a lot of milk coffee like “Bac Xiu”, a form of light coffee smoothie.

Then you will start liking it. By a time when you are more mature. By middle age, people will only call black coffee, milk coffee, and addicted to the bitter taste of this coffee.

When we are more mature, experiencing more events, we will realize that our life is bitter like a cup of coffee. That is why they like it.

Therefore, you start to accept a little bitterness in coffee, as long as it still contains sugar and milk. Bac Xiu becomes your familiar drink. When you get used to Bac Xiu, the soft bitterness of coffee gradually becomes more comfortable.

And finally, most of us hate coffee the first time we try it. But then growing up, people still put it on the desk, visited the shop regularly every week, and ordered coffee more and more dense.

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