BAC XIU (WHITE COFFEE) – Prestigious products, Public health safety

Ca phe hoa tan. bac xiu uy tin

Cases of profit cheap selling public health such as Battery Coffee have affected reputable coffee businesses.

Bac Xiu – White coffee is not simply a product brand, but we want to be through it, to send you new, interesting messages that help inspire you, you can change a small link. , thereby changing bigger things in my life.

There was a time when the market was flooded with coffee products for business sadness that affected consumer health, frustration, and “sadness” that seemed to penetrate into coffee products quality approval. Duong Cafe, the founders and operators of Cafe brand, think, why do we keep drowning in our troubles?

Bac Xiu will be a product of joy, inspiration and journeys to discover new and exciting places. The sadness, the impasse is not not existing, but it is just like a vivid demonstration for a challenging journey, or as a lever to go on.


Instant coffee (20 Packs)

You will find in Bac Xiu(white coffee) – Inspiration for life:

– Coffee products about creative, unique style, help you be confident, more energetic every day.

– Guests who enjoy Bac Xiu – dissolved white coffee, will influence passion, dedication, and more importantly – happiness when pursuing their own path. Because Bac Xiu will stimulate the spirit, and provide energy during the day.

– The recipes of Bac Xiu to make your day become better, more committed, fresher and more successful.

– Journeys, trips that you think “I must do in my life”.

– Useful knowledge – these are the things that Bac Xiu really wants to create for all product lines and bring it to his beloved guests.

Instant White coffee(180g)
25,000 VND

You are welcome in dissolute Silver, not merely a user, but more importantly – as companions, with us on this journey, to spread the excitement, light create, you succeed
Time will prove Duong cafe will stand firmly in the world but surround the unreliable product line, above all to affirm quality, price, and customer perception.









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