Beautiful in Korean coffee drink culture

văn hóa uống cà phê người Hàn Quốc

Beautiful in Korean coffee drink culture

In Korea, coffee is known to be quite late. However, it quickly penetrated this market and became a very cultural feature of Korea. Do they drink coffee like Vietnamese, Japanese or other countries? Along Duong Cafe to find the answer !!

Unlike the black coffee of the Vietnamese, not as rich as in Italy, .. Korean coffee is not too much flavor but enough to make people fascinated. Korean coffee is the source of appointments, conversations or relaxing moments alone. Besides the beautifully decorated coffee, the space is decorated eye-catching is also a factor in the coffee culture in Korea.

văn hóa uống cà phê người Hàn Quốc

The basis for coffee culture in Korea

Referring to the culture of enjoying Korean drinks, we immediately think of the tea ceremony. This is a long-standing culture of the Korean people and is still maintained today. In the tea culture, however, there is a distinction between class and authority. Compared to other countries, coffee is known. Around the year 1800, to the time of King Gojong – a person with a special love for coffee, this drink was used in court and began to popularize in the kernel. people. That is the basis for the Korean coffee culture of today.

Coffee culture in Korea knows quite late

If tea ceremony is only for a certain class, coffee is for all ages. With modern Korean society, the opening sentence of the story is not “we talk” but “We look for any cafe”. Coffee is associated with the discussion, dating romance. Friendly, open, easy-going and sophisticated culture, Korean coffee is not only beautiful but also eye-catching. Although quite late, coffee has quickly become a favorite drink and goes deep into Korean culture.

Not only is the beginning of every story, Korean coffee has many very own features. Japanese drink coffee taste, Koreans mostly like milk coffee, even more fat. Coffee culture in Korea is influenced by American coffee culture. However, Koreans still make up the difference that they only have when they enjoy Korean coffee, coffee connoisseurs will feel immediately.

Strong growth of coffee brands in Korea

Korea is a strong developing country in Asia. Economic development is rapid, foreign coffee brands also mushroom. Traveling across the streets of Korea, you can easily find large and small cafes with stunningly eye-catching decorations. You can find many flavors of coffee in these countries. But to find the right taste of Korean coffee, you have to look to the coffee street by the Korean business.

Ideal space for enjoying coffee

There are two Korean style decorations that are very popular. It’s a liberal style or romantic style. But usually, the bar is decorated very sophisticated, everything from space to cup of coffee is thoroughly scrubbed.

First: Natural space, open space, modern with coffee glass door. This is where the Korean office is very interested in quiet, quiet, easy to think in these places.

Second: Coffee in a cozy and romantic style. This is a place to dispel fatigue, decoration is very gentle, peaceful feeling is suitable for lovers and young people.

Impressions of Korean style coffee

Many people ask, what is your impression of Korean coffee? Unlike pure coffee of the Japanese, black coffee of the Vietnamese, but also not as bland as instant coffee. The neutral-looking Korean coffee maker is suitable for all ages. The combination of bitter aroma and sweet milk, fat aroma of milk but not too make a cup of coffee Korea. The decoration of coffee is also very beautiful with beautiful appearance, eye-catching and attractive aroma. Delicious, easy to drink and suitable for all ages, that is what impressed Korean coffee.


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