Cup of black coffee without sugar!

ca phe

Everyone is also mature, must also experience collisions in life. Which has been called a life experience, what is spicy – bitter – sweet – is an event. Each taste has different feelings depending on the impact of each person. Try once to enjoy a cup of black coffee without sugar to know it is never bitter …

Morning – Noon – Evening, do you drink coffee?

In the morning, I drank coffee and formed a habit of getting up early to enjoy the cool air of the night fog remaining. In the morning, sipping a cup of coffee, holding a newspaper in your hand to feel the joy of the intellectuals. In the morning, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes makes my heart soften. In the morning, we drink coffee for a refreshing spirit to start a new day with a life of ordinary life.

Ly ca phe cho buoi sang nang dong
Coffee cup for dynamic morning

At noon drinking coffee to relax, start an energetic afternoon. But it is actually less coffee because of the habit of taking a lunch break. In the afternoon, not drinking coffee is because we need to return to our dear home, return to a warm family feeling, shake off the troubles of life. In the afternoon, it is reasonable to drink coffee only because of work or need to meet someone in the case of reluctance.

At night, people drank coffee to talk about that day, so few people drank alone. But if alone, it’s because they’re lonely! In the evening you may not drink coffee because you need to sleep so that tomorrow starts.

The feeling of sitting in cafe cafe is different when you sit in a shop. The feeling of sitting alone is different when sitting with friends and relatives. Sitting alone, you are having a hard time to describe. In your heart you have something that makes you need quiet space to think again.

Is a hobby or fear

No matter when you drink coffee, with whom or where, you just choose the “favorite coffee”. Glass of black coffee with ice, milk and ice, sweet and white coffee cup with milk smell. So, have you ever taken the initiative or accidentally drank a cup of black coffee without sugar? How do you feel? At first it was bitter, it was difficult to drink but it was sweet when it dissolved in the oral cavity. But, will anyone dare to try or will they just return to the coffee that they regularly drink?

Bitter coffee? So add sugar …

Bitter life knows what to add?

In this life, many unexpected things happen without anticipation. Maybe today is still peaceful, happy but maybe tomorrow you will fall into a difficult situation. At that time, the true bitterness was coming and the sweetness yesterday would vanish. More than ever, you wish you had a pure black sugar-free coffee. Contains original primitive flavor, without any impurity. Whether bitter, but the bitter taste of coffee helps people become stronger before the bitterness of life.


Black coffee cup without sugar

Ca phe den khong duong
Black coffee without sugar

“Many people, who cannot stand the bitter taste of coffee, often give up sugar or milk for less bitterness. I do not add sugar or milk to coffee because I know: I have to taste bitterness to feel the sweetness. Even though I still have to drink bitter coffee, I am not discouraged by its sweet aftertaste. “

Enjoying black coffee without sugar is like saying “suffering before pleasure”. Having to go through so bitter, storming the life, and then come back to know the good things in life. Do not forget that you have experienced what you have to enjoy the sweet fruit.

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