BNI Viet Nam – The story goes back and forth

BNI Viet Nam

BNI Việt Nam – The story goes back and forth

BNI Viet Nam – The story goes back and forth is not only true in their lives. Say: Choose is no different. Give away fastidious, happy, satisfied. The rest of us

Give away to Get back

I have received a part of me. Ailing son At first, he did not know what to do when he did. You can only love each other. Parents with choices: the combination of people and differences. After making the father’s decision, he decided to follow. He can only do that every day

Get back from giving

At first, he did not understand what to do. But soon, everyone in the neighborhood knew him. Thanks to that, his business also became more convenient and easier. After half a year, his business shop was very prosperous. Many people said that it was his dedication that helped him succeed as he is today. Through this story, I am very interested in the philosophy of “giving away and getting back”.


Giving away is getting people connected again

At the end of last September, Duong Cafe was honored to become a member of BNI, organizing activities based on the motto “Give is Receive”. With a belief in a mission to bring more business opportunities for businesses. BNI and its member businesses will operate effectively and grow more and more thanks to the response to what has been given.

BNI is the largest and most successful commercial connection organization in the world. BNI was founded by Dr. Ivan Misner in 1985. With strong cooperation, BNI has more than 8,300 Chapters (more than 230,000 members) in more than 79 countries worldwide. With extensive cooperation, BNI members worldwide have exchanged tens of millions of business opportunities. In 2017 alone, BNI members exchanged 9.8 million business opportunities with a total value of up to US $ 13 billion.

On September 27, 2018, the conference launched the BNI Vietnam Givers Chapter which took place in Hanoi. With the philosophy, let go again, the conference has the participation of 3020 members, 86 chapters, exchanging 86319 business opportunities with a total value of up to 2943 billion business value. The association thought it was very successful and good. With this cooperation, I believe that we will grow together in the future.

Duong Cafe mixes the BNI Vietnam beat

Recently, on October 4, 2018, Duong Cafe participated in the bad meeting day of Northern enterprises. Here, we have donated 150 Gifts of Weasel-Premium Gifts to 150 business owners of BNI Givers Chapter.

Qua tang cua Duong Cafe gui toi 150 Chu Doanh nghiep BNI Viet Nam
Gifts from Duong Cafe to 150 Business Owners of BNI Vietnam


150 phan qua tang chu doanh nghiep BNI
150 gifts for business owners BNI

With the desire to implement the philosophy of “Give away to Get Back”, Duong Cafe hopes to have more valuable opportunities to learn and share with talented CEOs of businesses in Vietnam BNI Association.


The mission that Duong Cafe always aims to is the introduction and promotion of Vietnamese specialty coffee products in the international arena. Putting the values ​​that Vietnamese create to friends across the five continents




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