Cafe Hanoi, Where is The Best Delicious, The Best Place

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Cafe Hanoi, Where is The Best Delicious, The Best Place

Surely you also know many famous places for tourism in Hanoi, but the best delicious and most beautiful cafes you have to go to must know and evaluate the best places. There are many other places that I will guide you later:

The following editorial board of Duong Cafe will list the best cafes.

Although I didn’t go to Hanoi much, the places here made me excited and attractive. Many places like it I do not own the emotion, happy to reveal the face, my friend is in Hanoi for a long time, I go with it and I chirp for love.

He told you crazy, I had the main thought because my friend had been here for so long so everything got used to it. But for me, although I am in Saigon many places are equally interesting, but because Hanoi has its own attraction and strange.

The best delicious and the most beautiful coffee places:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Thanh Nien:

Nam o Ngo 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Quan Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi, ca phe o day thu hut nhieu thuc khach ngoai quoc. Ca phe trung khong tanh, tren beo ngay, lop ca phe duoi hoi dang, gia ca hop li, khong gian quan nho nhan

Located in the beautiful location, on the romantic Thanh Nien road, between West Lake and the famous Truc Bach lake. Price: slightly expensive, there is an additional charge for VAT. But quality: I call Mexican Hot Chocola, easy to imagine, it smells like cinnamon I like, very fragrant. In addition, I called with Chocolate Fudge cake. Chocolate cake with clear taste, feel the chocolate here is a good one. The eating cake is also quite delicious and charming. If only there was a loved one, the location here would be great.

The Coffee House – Hai Ba Trung

The first time I sat in TCH in Hai Ba Trung, I sent the car for free at Kim Dong movie theater. The space is very wide, I still trust 42k Machiato Black Tea for the best drink here though this new water melon drink is seen.

The space is extremely wide and comfortable. The staff is also thoughtfully cute. Drinks here, off the table, there is no place to blame. The price is very affordable, in general, the Coffee House always =) Will definitely come back.

Duong Cafe 107C Minh Khai

Ca Phe Chon

Although the road is slightly noisy, but here is always crowded especially in the evening, the space is very close to nature. But the attraction here is the very popular price, and the quality is very high. I ordered iced milk coffee, which I used to drink in Saigon, but here only 15,000 VND thought that this place was at a normal level, but I did not expect it to be attracted from the beginning. The taste is rich and delicious, it is different from other places, if it is fun to say, spending millions of dollars cannot imitate the recipe for coffee here.

Giang Cafe – Milk Egg Coffee



Located at alley 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, coffee here attracts many foreign customers. Egg coffee is not fishy, ​​fat on the ground, the coffee layer is a little bitter, reasonable price, small cafe space. Fast and kind service. Conveniently located near the old town. If you do not want to drink coffee, you can choose other dishes such as egg, matcha egg or green bean cap … In addition, the restaurant also has some quite strange dishes such as egg or egg rum.

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