Coffee alone

Phu nu va ca phe

People say, people who like coffee alone are lonely people. They just hope to find warmth among strangers. Along with the stories that even though they have heard, they probably don’t understand them all.

But, this is not always the case. Sometimes, we need to allow ourselves to enjoy privacy alone. You will realize that “There are days, coffee alone is enough …”

If someone has a habit of sitting on coffee alone, it will definitely be a familiar one. Just step into the shop, sit at a familiar corner, make a call “Like always!”. So you have to give yourself a cup of coffee according to your preferences, sip and enjoy and drop your soul according to coffee flavor.

cà phê một mình

Sitting coffee alone, maybe many people think it’s a crazy thing. But you don’t need to bother or explain, because each person has different views on how to enjoy life. It may be lonely, bland or poetic. It can also be extremely romantic while enjoying coffee, listening to the melodious music of the restaurant, looking out the window, watching the rain drops, looking at the hustle.

Each of us needs to give ourselves the opportunity to experience all the emotions of life. Be ready to discover yourself even when people think it is crazy, unrealistic.

Coffee alone, if anyone is genuinely enjoying that time, will bring themselves many benefits that are rarely possible:

If you really love coffee, then coffee alone helps you focus to feel its taste. You will not be interrupted by the gossip of your friends. It is not worried that the mind will be entangled by worries about rice money.

Sitting coffee alone, helps you understand yourself better. Watching things move as I stop. Think again, what you have experienced, achieved and have not achieved. From there, it is possible to draw more meaningful lessons and improve yourself. To prepare for the next step, a longer, more certain step in this competitive life.

Coffee alone – Rewards for yourself

Life is very busy with worries. From work to family, friends, social relationships always wrap around you. But, reward yourself for a coffee session alone. Reward yourself for your hurried life for a day off. Temporarily leave the hustle and bustle out there, nestle by the music and coffee aroma.

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