Coffee and Trinh’s Music

Mo hình Kinh doanh Quan ca phe am nhac

Coffee and Trinh’s Music

It is not unreasonable for people to compare coffee and Trinh’s music together. The common point between them is the word “life”.

Special features of Trinh’s music

quan ca phe am nhac

Nearly everyone admits, Trinh Cong Son’s music is very sad, very philosophical, very deep and also very difficult to understand. Not many people can fully grasp the layers of meaning that musicians put in each of their compositions.

Only know that his music has always been a compassionate and respected listener, whether he writes about humanity, motherhood, women, love, or other torn between life.

At times, the listeners of Trinh’s music awoke from the sadness, to see the heart be soothed, to be divided, to become stronger and thus, earnestly love life more. Trinh’s music is not less than flaming fire, generates enough fire for generations and jubilant joy.

Special features of coffee

ca phe
cà phê

Coffee is too. Yes, a person who loves to drink coffee will enjoy the full flavor of coffee. Feel the taste of black coffee is not easy. To see the good coffee, people have to sip a bit of coffee. Can not drink once that can see the taste of it. When you first drink black coffee, only see the bitter taste. But when you have fully enjoyed, you will see many flavors around the cup of coffee.

Tea, soft drinks, … are very easy to enjoy. Coffee is different. If you do not like it, you can not drink it. New to see, coffee it so special.

Coffee and Trinh’s music

The trend of enjoying coffee and listening to music is enjoyed by young people. Especially for those who like Trinh music can not go to music cafes. Sitting and drinking a cup of coffee and immersed in the melodious melody of the new music Trinh see it so well.

Someone has told me that:” Trinh’s music, if you do not like it, can not see its beauty’. At first, I did not like Trinh’s music, but I still hear the song again, I fonund that it is very meaningful. I often visit the Trinh music cafe more. Since then, I have loved Trinh’s music.

Let’s enjoy Trinh’s music with Dương Cafe !!



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