Coffee culture of Southeast Asia

Nhung net van hoa ve ca phe cua Dong Nam A


Thailand, along with many other Southeast Asian countries, only three seasons: hot, humid and cool! So this is the market for cold drinks.

Cold beer coffee grows north of Chiang Mai city. The city has hundreds of cafes, not to mention the small selling points with delicious Thai coffee flavor. Although coffee in Thailand has been introduced and developed in the past few decades, most Thai people still drink coffee with condensed milk, and are popular in big cities.

Areas around northern Thailand have been producing coffee for the past twenty years.


Cambodians often make coffee by roasting with vegetable fat until nearly black. After roasting they grind into fine powder to make a cup of coffee. Coffee is mainly pressed with fabric.

Coffee was planted from 1700 by French.


Vietnam is the country that possesses the second largest rice export volume in the world, which is bestowed by nature, because of its beautiful bio-form, swinging rich fertile land. From pristine beaches to vast fields, or beautiful coffee plateaus, this place is the focus of tourism and cultural diversity and style of enjoying coffee.

Speaking of coffee, Vietnam is the second largest producer in the world, only 8% of coffee retained for domestic consumption.

Perhaps when the French colonialist invaded Vietnam and brought coffee grown in Vietnam, the habit of drinking a cup of coffee in every morning has gradually become a habit of not being abandoned, there are many ways to enjoy coffee in our country, like using coffee add a few boxes of yogurt, eggs, even fruit. Vietnamese coffee is growing in its own way. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is the two cities with the highest consumption and coffee consumption in the country, each with different drinking styles, but there are common characteristics that are different from anywhere in the world.

In Hanoi, there was a coffee shop, at the beginning only 2 locations, then this boss has a passion for coffee outside his house to create a type of fresh coffee products that many foreign visitors come to look for. he also created a line of dissolved white coffee, a caffeine-less beverage and plenty of milk suitable for a lot of busy customers, and drink for relaxing.


– Instant coffee costs 40,000 VND / box

Soluble silver floss costs 25,000 VND / box


Coffee was imported and produced in Laos in the twentieth century by the French. Coffee is Laos’ largest export commodity, grown in southern Laos. Laos coffee has more western style.


In Malaysia, coffee is not grown much, but mainly grown as palm, rubber, sugarcane and tea.

But the coffee market here gradually changes in a positive direction. At Kuala Lumpur, the coffee grows in big cities and towns.

Van hoa ca phe Dong Nam A


Coffee in Indonesia is very rich, the coffee tradition here is unique. Indonesians call coffee kopi, and often block coffee with cloth bags.

The way of roasting coffee is also very unique, usually roasted coffee with butter and corn seeds. This creates a special flavor, which coffee in other parts of the world is not the same.

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