Coffee – Drink with four season flavors

Coffee – Drink with four season flavors

People say, season is awake. But this is not true of coffee. Because it is not just a drink for every spring, summer, autumn or winter. Each season, coffee has its own flavor, characteristic for that season.

Cappuccino – Warm taste of spring

Cappuccino is the drink that brings all the sweetness that coffee can deliver to the drinker. When drunk, people often cover over a layer of cinnamon powder, then stir and enjoy. The aroma of cinnamon mixed with the fatty taste of fresh milk and bitterness of coffee. All mixed together to create an attractive drink to surprise. Take a sip of coffee to swallow, as feel the vitality glow. The vigor is as strong as sprouting buds in the cold spring of spring.


Coffee cup is also decorated with funny shapes on the surface. You look at a picture of art, not enjoy it for fear of ruining it. Each cup of cappuccino contains both the passion and creativity of its creator. Sitting by the window, enjoying a warm cup of coffee and watching the spring rain, it is poetic.

Ice milk coffee – a savior for hot summer

The weather in Ha Noi is getting louder when it comes down. At times like that people find themselves a cool drink. But it’s not sugar cane juice, or cold sweets but ice milk. A cup of iced coffee is a combination of instant coffee with condensed milk and ice. Watching each drop of black coffee drops through the fin, falling into the thick sweet milk underneath.

Ca phe sua da giup giai nhiet mua he
Cà phê sữa đá giúp giải nhiệt mùa hè

I often drink iced coffee at a rate of 1 coffee 2 milk, and add a lot of ice. Take a small sip, the coolness of the ice will melt away the malaise of Ha Noi. The bitterness of the coffee soaks into the tip of the tongue, spreading in the oral cavity. And then it was calmed down by the sweetness of condensed milk. Enjoy a cup of iced coffee in the heat of the summer, you feel like the taste of life in front of the eyes.

Chocolate coffee – Taste of autumn

A cup of chocolate has a characteristic aroma of chocolate mixed with the traditional aroma of coffee. Then top up with a fresh cream of chocolate. The feeling of cool, sweet and juicy fatty beef comes from milk mixed with milk, coffee and chocolate makes anyone irresistible.

ca phe so co la
cà phê sô cô la

Autumn everything is softer. After the cool winds, the heat has softened a lot. Yellow leaves gently threw and fell lightly on the ground. All of them create a very peaceful scene. Sitting in a small cafe enjoying a cup of chocolate coffee, listening to the autumn music of Hanoi and watching the peaceful scene that will make our soul to relax.

Egg Coffee – Warm for cold winter

For a coffee lovers like me can not ignore the famous drink in Hanoi. A cup of coarse-grained coffee, sweet and slightly bored. The egg mixture mixed with coffee creates an extremely attractive yellowish brown color. Each black coffee filtered through the filter is poured together with eggs beaten. They are separated, floating up and down, forming many beautiful natural patterns.

ca phe trung
Cà phê trứng

Enjoying egg whites in the right place is also an art. Use a small spoon to stir the bubbly foam, put each spoon on the mouth and feel. Coffee is still hot so drink always, to feel bitter bitterness in the mouth, mingled with the time, the fragrant egg. Because of the need to enjoy hot coffee should be especially suitable in cold winter.

With Duong Cafe enjoy the fall flavor !

bạc xiu hoa tan 120g
bạc xiu hoa tan 120g

Ha Noi is comming soon autumn, this is probably the most romantic time of the year with gentle weather, less rain, not too hot, not too cold. Are you ready for a cup of chocolate? Duong Cafe offers you chocolate coffee products, a new creative soluble product. The combination of two flavors of chocolate and coffee, you can enjoy the full flavor of the product.

Duong Cafe will help you feel the taste of all four seasons through the cafe, not a drink.


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