Coffee – Drink with the taste of 4 season

Mau nuoc ca phe

People say, each season each drinks. But this is not true for coffee. Because it’s not just a drink for every spring, summer, autumn or winter. But every season, coffee brings with it its own flavors, typical for that season.

Cappuccino – Warm taste of spring

Cappuccino is the most sweet drink that coffee can convey to drinkers. When drinking, people often cover a layer of cinnamon powder, then stir and enjoy. The aroma of cinnamon mixed with the greasy taste of fresh milk and the bitterness of coffee. All mixed together to create a surprisingly attractive drink. Each sip of coffee was swallowed, as if it felt like life was shining. That vitality is as strong as the sprouting buds sprouting in the chilly season of spring.

Coffee cup is also adorned with funny shapes on the surface. You look like an art picture, don’t enjoy it because you’re afraid to ruin it. Each cup of cappuccino contains both the passion and the great creativity of its creator. Sitting by the window, enjoying a warm coffee and watching the spring rain, it is very poetic.

Sweet cup of cappuccino

Ice milk coffee – Savior for hot summer

Hanoi weather becomes more hot when coming down. At such times everyone finds a cool drink. But not sugarcane, or cold sweets, but iced milk coffee. A glass of iced coffee is a combination of coffee brewed with sweetened condensed milk and put in ice. Sit and watch every drop of coffee fall in black, dripping through the filter, falling into the sweet condensed milk below.

Ca phe sua da giup giai nhiet mua he
Ice milk coffee helps summer heat

I often drink iced milk coffee at the rate of 1 cafe 2 milk, and add a lot of ice. Taking a small sip, the coolness of the stone will erase the uncomfortable heat of Hanoi. The bitter taste of coffee seeps into the tip of the tongue, spreading into the mouth. Then it was immediately soothed by the charming sweetness of condensed milk. Enjoy a cup of iced milk coffee in the sweltering heat of summer, you feel the taste of boisterous life ahead.

Chocolate coffee – The taste of autumn

A cup of chocolate coffee has a characteristic aroma of chocolate mixed with the traditional aroma of coffee. Then, covering it with a layer of fresh cream and chocolate. Feeling cool, sweet soothing fat leopard from grinded stone combined with milk, coffee and chocolate makes it hard for anyone to resist.

Ca phe so co la
Chocolate Coffee

Fall, everything becomes softer. Every cool breeze was passing by, the heat was also softened a lot. The yellow leaves gently fluttered and fell lightly to the ground. All create a scene that is too peaceful. Sitting in a small bar enjoying a cup of chocolate coffee, listening to Hanoi’s autumn music and watching that peaceful scene will make our hearts more relaxed.

Egg coffee – Warm for cold winter

For a coffee lover like me, I can’t ignore the famous drink in Hanoi. A cup of egg coffee has a rich, sweet taste and is slightly bored. Egg and coffee foam create an extremely attractive golden brown color. Each filtered black coffee beans are poured together with the beaten eggs. They seem to be separated, emerging every tiny dot, forming countless beautiful natural patterns.

ca phe trung
Egg Coffee

Enjoying egg coffee so that the taste is also an art. Use a small spoon to stir slowly the floating foam, bring each spoon to your mouth and feel. Coffee brought out was hot, so drink it, to feel every bit of bitterness in your mouth, mixed with the sweet, fragrant taste of eggs. Because of the need to enjoy while hot, egg coffee is especially suitable in the cold winter.


Come Duong Cafe to enjoy the autumn flavor


Hanoi is coming Fall, this is probably the most romantic time of the year with gentle weather, less rain, it is not too hot, not too cold. Are you ready to give me a cup of chocolate coffee yet. Duong Cafe brings you chocolate coffee, a new creative product. The combination of two flavors of chocolate and coffee, both to help you fully enjoy the flavors of the product.

Duong Cafe will help you feel the taste of all four seasons through coffee products, not another drink.


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