Coffee film is really healthy, isn’t it?

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The explosion of film cafes

Appeared in 2014, coffee movies began to bloom in recent years. The trend or lifestyle of the West is increasingly going into Eastern culture. Is this business model healthy? This model has caused a storm in our country. Especially in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, … This is a fairly developed business model today. The movie cafe combines many services together. It is a movie, a drink, a music, a party, … With a beautiful and attractive space, this place has attracted many customers, especially young people. .

Each room is equipped with the most modern and beautiful items. HD projector, with surround sound spread throughout the room. The film store is updated regularly, uncut and often changes with the trend of young people. In addition, items for dating and birthdays are also carefully prepared. All aimed at customer satisfaction.

Coffee film is widely accepted by young people

Instead of going to the cinema, going to a regular café to just drink coffee, young people now have a new choice. That is film coffee. This is the place where groups of friends gather together, watch movies, drink water and have nice, comfortable seats. The events or group meetings are too ideal to choose filter coffee.

ca phe phim
Go and have coffee to gather with friends

Those dating, organizing a cozy place make the love of young people more warm and romantic. Coffee film is the choice of most couples today. They like privacy, love romance. This business model has hit the interests of young people right away. Therefore, after appearing in Vietnam, the young people received it very quickly.

There is no denying that this is a wonderful dating place for many couples. Instead of showing affection in a public place, this is indeed a very suitable place for young people, for newlyweds.

The transformation of film coffee

It’s not as simple and pure as its name. Coffee film now has been “transformed”. The question is “coffee” or “break” coffee? The answer is “motel.” Instead of coming to the inn to make it clear, couples choose instant coffee. This is a warm and private place, not afraid of others scrutinizing and evaluating. Most of the current couples enter coffee films primarily to “do it”. The famous shops are often in a state of “out of room”. It can be seen that young people today have turned the values ​​of coffee into things that are not considered good.

ca phe phim
Film Coffee

The films they choose are all romantic movies or people call it “18+ movies”. Can see the level of interest and excitement of the young people today. Some of you have shared your teeth: “When you come here, they are comfortable, free but discreet.” There is no reason why they did not choose this place.

Rife with “pitfalls”

Many articles and reports have reflected on the negativity of this business form. Curiosity and interest make many young people care. There are many young people who are invited to go to coffee with their peers, they think it is going to the cinema to watch movies as usual. But non-chemical is coffee film. Many couples after doing “that” left behind consequences. This causes many discomfort with many owners.

The consequences are more severe when many people have made this place a sexual abuse place. Girls who are only 13-15 years old, are lured here to do immoral things. With this form, girls are easily deceived. Proving that a 13-year-old girl in Ho Chi Minh was abused at this cafe. If you just say coffee, you won’t be hesitant and a little worried. But this is really a very easy form of sexual abuse.

Doing “sex” is a job that young people think is completely normal. But whether anyone can control the consequences. In many cases couples, young people “missed” because there were no prior preparations. And then, who is responsible and what your future will be. Especially girls only twenty. This is really an alarm bell about this situation, which has happened in our country for many years.


It can be said that this business model brings benefits and utility services to users. Western lifestyles are increasingly affecting the lives of young people today. There’s no denying the benefits of this service. Say anything, there are two sides to it. Many potential risks always exist. And the distortion into a “vacation home” is a business model that needs to be controlled.

This is a modern and new business model. Is the trend and has been present in many parts of the world. However, they need to be strictly controlled so as not to turn the place into sexual abuse. Therefore, the presence of the government is essential. Agencies need to take measures to not worsen the beautiful image of “film coffee”.

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