Coffee harvest season in Tay Nguyen

thu hoach ca phe o Tay Nguyen

 Coffee harvest season in Tay Nguyen

Tay Nguyen, which is known as the land of coffee. Peak harvest occurs in September or October lunar. Visitors at this time will see people busy on the coffee fields and also on the drying yard. 

Every year, when the month of September, October lunar, throughout the land of red basalt reappeared nine berry coffee season after a year of hard work. Visitors to Tay Nguyen almost always see the bustle, the people busy from the coffee field to the drying yard.

thu hoach qua ca phe chin mong

For quick harvesting, farmers usually start their workdays early in the morning. At that time, a large canvas was spread under the tree to ripen the fruit from the branches. Thus, the canvas is pulled from one root to another until it is full, the harvester filters out the fallen leaves and splits the leaves for later drying.

The exposure time depends on the weather conditions to last from 6 to 30 days. When this process is over, most of the finished products are sold to factories, the rest of the households are self-grinding. Normally, the roasting time of a batch of coffee is peeled at home 30 minutes and purely manual.

Some visitors mistakenly thought the coffee must have a characteristic aroma. However, the fact that coffee only smells after roasting. Therefore, in the process of preliminary processing, each family has its own secrets to create fragrant and strong flavor. During the harvest season, people in Tay Nguyen often retain some coffee in the home as a reward for themselves after a year of hard work.

During this period, in March, the flowers bloom white, floating on each field. Tay Nguyen will wear her new color and gentle tone, starting a new cycle waiting for the sun, the caregiver to cluster the fruit. 

As such, their lives are attached to coffee trees. 

To come here, you can experience the job of Tay Nguyen famers. I belive that you will very be excited. 


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