Coffee pods are “more expensive” than coffee beans

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Coffee pods are “more expensive” than coffee beans

Coffee pods seem to be discarded. However, they also have certain effects. One of them is that they can be made into delicious drinks. Follow Duong Cafe to immediately answer the drink made from coffee pods.

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The story about Mrs. Batlle

Aida Batlle’s family planted coffee on the family’s farm near the foot of Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador. Like many generations ago, Batlle hardly used the shell of coffee. Sometimes, she uses this shell to make fertilizer for plants, and often dumps it.

One day, when going through a pile of coffee pods, it is drying under the sun. Batlle suddenly found a pleasant scent, almost like the smell of hibiscus and some other flowers.

With great acumen and creativity bafd flashed a new idea. That’s what she left every day for a long time.

Later, Mrs. Batlle took a pinch of dried coffee pods in hot water and tasted it. Immediately, she called the customer, invited them to try. And everyone was completely surprised by the scent of this drink.

More than a decade later, dried coffee pods, also known as cascara, began to “throne”.

Recently, Starbucks‘ largest coffee chain in the world “showed the world” a new drink in the US and Canada markets. They only use sweetener as syrup extracted from coffee pods. Customers can also choose topping to make from this peel.

At a Starbucks store in Chicago, a mid-sized cold cappuccino with a coating on the cascara costs $ 4.75. After the introduction, this drink became more and more popular. Many Starbucks competitors such as Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Blue Bottle Coffee also offer similar drinks to their menus.

Coffee & Tea Bar is a big coffee shop chain. Recently, the company has finished testing a special beverage prepared from cascara. They expect this drink to cost $ 5 a capacity.

Thanks to the needs of these chain stores, the price of dried coffee pods is now more expensive than coffee beans. Ms Batlle said every pound of dried coffee pods gave her $ 7. While the average price of coffee beans is only about 1.2 USD / pound, the lowest level in 2 years. The reason is attributed to the excess supply of arabica coffee beans.

The taste of sascara

Cascara coffee is dried coffee pod, used to make drinks like a fruit tea. Sascara has lower caffeine content and milder taste than coffee flavor. For example, it has a hint of hibiscus, has a scent of papaya or green apple depending on the way of planting and the soil. Coffee pods also contain caffeine and many healthy antioxidants.

Due to growing demand, coffee farmers like Ms. Batlle still have little concern. She said this drink would be just a fleeting moment. Therefore, revenue from cascara drinks is still modest.

Ms Batlle said she now sells thousands of pounds of dried coffee pods each year. But she does not think that cascara will someday occupy the market share of coffee beans. However, while the price of coffee beans is low today, the sale of coffee pods with good prices helps make up for coffee farmers like Batlle.

If coffee pods are raw materials to produce delicious drinks. This is a very good news for coffee growers.

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