Coffee prices and sources of wholesale coffee

Cac san pham ca phe cua Duong Cafe duoc don nhan va yeu thich

Coffee prices and sources of wholesale coffee

Coffee prices on 8/5

Coffee price is below 37,000 VND

Prices of agricultural products are hard to break, coffee prices fluctuate at VND 36,900 – VND 37,000 / Kg

While the pepper price is down to VND 59,000 / kg

Bac xiu
Instant White coffee

Agricultural prices on May 8 throughout the country in key localities showed that agricultural products, such as robusta coffee, had a breakthrough in prices, in the first trading session of the second week (7/5/2018 ) raw coffee prices have not changed. Currently, the price of coffee is traded at VND 36,900 – VND 37,300 / kg. Specifically in Bao Loc district of Lam Dong, coffee prices are at 36,900 VND / kg, Giac coffee at Di Linh, Lam Ha is higher than 36,900-37,000 VND / kg. Coffee prices in Dak Lak province are at VND 37,100-VND 37,200 / kg.

In Gia Lai, the price of coffee is at 37,300 VND / kg currently, the price of coffee here is the highest

In Kom Tum, the price of coffee is VND 37,200 / kg.

At the end of the weekend session on Sunday, coffee prices on the floor always plummeted, the price of Robusta coffee futures dropped sharply at the beginning of the morning, the contract price dropped by 18 USD, down by 0.98%. at 1,813 USD / ton.
On New York floor, Arabica coffee price dropped by 1.75 USD, down by 1.41% to 122.6 CentCác

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