Coffee smells only in Viet Nam

cà phê ở Việt Nam

Coffee smells only in Viet Nam

Coffee was imported into Vietnam from the 19th century, when the French invaded Vietnam and brought the drink. Over the past century, coffee has been modified and adapted by local people to suit the taste and habits of Vietnamese people. And it has become a unique culture in the culinary culture of Vietnam soul of the foreign guests.

Along Duong coffee to find coffee familiar with the Vietnamese but unique to foreigners!

1. Fin coffee

Cà phê pha bằng Phin

Fin coffee is a familiar drink that appears in most coffee shops in Vietnam. Especially old or traditional coffee shops. This drink is considered a symbol of delicious coffee taste. However, not everyone knows how to enjoy this type of coffee . Only the connoisseurs can feel the deliciousness of the bitter taste of coffee liqueurs.

How to make fin coffee as unique as its flavor. In order to enjoy a good fin coffee cup should be patient, meticulous. No one can rush to enjoy this drink. Pure ground coffee after being poured into the filter, boiling water to the powder soaked and hatched, will slowly drip into the glass.

Waiting for drops of coffee can make people anxious. However, it is a pleasure for those who love this coffee. Watch the drops of coffee, silent reflection. And then enjoy the coffee after several minutes of waiting, feeling the bitter taste on the tip of the tongue, people like to be slow to live.

2. Milk ice coffe

Ca phe sua da giup giai nhiet mua he

Ice coffee is also known as “brown stone”, a drink that is both familiar and unique among the Vietnamese. Ice milk is popular everywhere, from the office people to the general workers, from the beautifully decorated shops to the sidewalk. The young people are the favorite. This drink is the most convenient because it is both delicious and cheap.

Taste delicious, easy to drink along with a simple brewing is the secret that makes brown ice popular with all those who love coffee. Just add a little condensed milk to a cup of pure coffee, add ice that you have a cool drink, delicious but more cheerful spirit.

Recently, iced coffee has been voted Bloomberg as one of the 10 most delicious and unique coffee in the world, with the introduction of “delicious and delicious”. The attraction of brown marble is not only fascinated by Vietnamese people, but also by foreigners who know Vietnam, known Vietnamese coffee.

3. Coffee egg

ca phe trung

It is hard to imagine the combination of chicken eggs and coffee can bring a delicious drink. Yet egg coffee was once famous throughout Hanoi. Now, it is still a unique drink that appeals to both us and the West.

Egg cup of coffee with a smooth golden bubble, below is coffee solid black. These two layers of sweet and bitter taste, when stirring up, will create a bitter taste, sweet, has both the smell and smell of chicken eggs. Because there is egg material, when the cold taste will be changed so the egg coffee must be hot drink.

It’s not hard to make a cup of coffee, but for a tasty treat, it’s a great hand. At first, the egg white and egg yolk were separated. Then, we whip the yolk and white with honey in two separate cups, forming two blends of light yellow and white. Finally, pour the cream of yellow on top of the black coffee with some sugar or condensed milk, and add the white foam of the whites to make the beverage look attractive.

Whether the egg white tastes good depends on the proportion of ingredients to be added and the way the egg is processed. So the taste in different places also different. However, if you find an address that brews the right kind of egg juices, then surely you will not love this drink.

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