Coffee – Spices of life

mau ca phe ngon

Coffee – Spices of life

Living with worries pressure from the work, family, … makes people become thorny, deepening. Like a cup of coffee, bitter, but sweetly mixed with each other.

In the world, coffee is favored as a drink that connects people together. For a long time, drinking a cup of coffee has become an elegant pleasure in busy life. When happy or sad, people also come to the cup of coffee.

cà phê và tình yêu

Today’s coffee is very diverse, but the most popular are black coffee, macha coffee, milk coffee and cappuccino. Each type of coffee has different taste, but they are convergent bitter, sweet, fragrant, odor. They are not separated from each other but harmoniously combined. Like life, joy, sadness, sublimation, hard times come suddenly.

Drinking coffee is one of the ways to enjoy and enjoy life. The common point between coffee and coffee is that it is probably a self. Pure coffee is bitter, sour, slightly chit and then the sweet smell is stored in the pancake. Incense scent makes people sober.

Life is too, life never rose for me. Life is indispensable bitter, failure, hard. But when overcome the difficulties, the rest is sweet success. All will pass, and leave us with lessons to grow in life.

Sometimes coffee is like a girl, happy, sad, light. Coffee is not so dimensional, not everyone is fascinated, then mashed coffee.

Each person likes coffee each, just like humans, each likes different types of girls. People like pure cockroach color, bitter aroma. People like iced coffee, cheap. People like coffee with milk, cream sweet, beautiful. It is “difficult”.

Colorful life, want to look. Overcome the hard times, the fall time to finally enjoy the happiness, enjoy the sweetness of life.


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