Coffee-Where our love story started

ca phe và tinh yeu

Coffee-Where our love story started

Our love are like a cup of coffee. It seemed like it was irrelevant but surprisingly similar, not only at the sweet and bitter taste.

A love story written in a coffee.

câu chuyện tình yêu

When meeting, flirt with a boy and get coffee to make an excuse to meet. When they were in love, they took coffee again as an excuse to find a stop, just sitting together. Let’s talk a few stories together to make a happy date, no matter whether it’s summer or winter. Cafe is the first place for you and me to meet, where love begins. Just like that, coffee is like a pink string of love between you and me.

Referring to love, we only mention chocolate and roses. But some people met, made acquaintances and gave chocolate. Coffee brings all the feelings of couple love. But not many people love love like coffee cups.

Depending on each person, love has different flavors. It can be espresso, is a capuchino, is black ice, is white coffee or egg coffee. Each type of coffee has a different concentration and each person has a different love.

Early love is like a cup of coffee capuchino full of fragrant milk foam


People say, the most beautiful love is when love begins. When budding love, love is beautiful and romantic. A message from me also makes me happy. It was the eagerness to shake the heart, the expectant vibration, the wait, the freshness of the joy. It is sweet, gentle, pleasant in every moment like a capuchino cup. Capuchino is foamy, light and sweet, fully blended with the typical flavor of coffee with sweet and fragrant milk. Not too passionate but so pleasant. Capuchino easy to drink gives people a gentle feeling beautiful. The cup of coffee capuchino is painted with a unique and impressive milk foam. It is as beautiful as a budding love. You are coffee, you are milk foam. Two hearts together, if not one of them would not create a cup of coffee or a beautiful love.


Love ends like a cup of solid espresso.

That’s when love grows, and when it’s finished, it’s like separating thick espresso. The bitter feeling covered everything. At that time, the coffee cup of cockroach did not mix it so richly. A small sip also feels bitter, a little sweet aftertaste is like memories of past love. The taste of espresso coffee takes a long time to forget and never forget. The bitter, fragrant, sweet of that coffee is like a love that ends – full of aftertaste.

Living in the world, anyone who does not expect love is like a sweet milk coffee. When drinking ice is cool, when hot drink is warm belly. Milk coffee is familiar, does not require a lot of elaborately in mixing but the taste is not less than anyone else. But there is love like black coffee. Not everyone can drink black coffee. It is bitter. But it is simple but persistent, strong and faithful love.

Love comes from many factors

cà phê ngon - tình yêu đẹp

Coffee is too familiar. There was a lot of talk about a cup of coffee and when it came to a cup of coffee it didn’t seem to end. Coffee like invisible rope connects people together. Not the coffee addict, we also stop at a coffee shop to meet. And in the multitude of colorful drinks, coffee is still the choice of many people.

To get a good cup of coffee requires many factors, as well as a certain understanding of coffee. Just like love, to have a perfect love, there must be a build up from both sides. It is love, care, investment, sharing and understanding, .. The way to receive and behave must be that the two think for each other and want to be together for a long time.

It would be great if every morning enjoy a cup of coffee with that person !!

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