Culture of Ha Noi coffee – how to make delicious fin coffee


Culture of Ha Noi coffee – how to make delicious fin coffee

With a rich culture of coffee enjoy hundreds of years of Ha Noi, a unique identity impressed people who once visited. With a good value, Ha Noi has a great reputation as well as the impression of tourists coming to our beloved capital.

Everyone can go to many places, enjoy the coffee of different regions, but the taste and flavor of coffee, mountains and high mountain, mountain fog in the capital Ha Noi. The busy market, crowded fun, bustling children with “cheeks rosy pink”, with people, with cars .. the space with sunshine oi summer, the winter rain fall, autumn leaves yellow leaves. The four seasons that everyone who goes far away remember … are still marked in the hearts of everyone.

Each person in each style, Ha Noi is sitting coffee in the street, delicious – cheap table close to the table, crowded, friendly, unfamiliar acquaintance, spoiled to look at the streets, glamorous white girls dress up to school, laughing roar cheeks fluttering innocent pink, flipped the mother to bring children to school, rushed to work, rowing backwards …

“Style” Ha Noi want to enjoy coffee strange as a sipping and thinking culture, sitting on the side of the cup of coffee just sipped small reading newspapers, listening to music, chat with friends, partners to work, to work, to meditate on life, about people …


How to mix Fin Coffee, Pure Cafe, Delicious Cafe.


– Whole coffee powder

– Glass cup.

– Fin coffee.

– Sugar / Milk / Ice.

– Purified water (the better the water the cup of coffee is)


– Coffee mug through hot water

100 degrees.

– Pour 22g – 25g coffee powder into Fin.

– Shake well and lightly compress the coffee powder.

– Add 15ml boiling water and soak

– 30-60 seconds.

– Continue to 40ml and cover.

A cup of delicious coffee is a cup of coffee with natural acidity, fresh acidity, clean tongue, dark brown and more specifically, radiate almond, fruit, strawberry and earthy.

With the perfect formula and equipment line, modern technology has made a difference for a product full of passion. Arabica‘s passionate aroma, Robusta’s sour bitterness, Cherry’s sourness, and the exquisite taste of the finest Cali beans. Coffee creates an endless passion for the customers “connoisseur” coffee.



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