Daily stories around the cup of Coffee

Cach phan biet ca phe that va ca phe gia

What is so charming in the dark and deep water like the winter night? Each drop of coffee is heavy drops of life with worries, still standing in the bottom of the heart ….

By that coffee, I saw every drop, every drop of light shining black, falling. In every drop of coffee, much bitterness, how much is sweet?

“Many people, who cannot stand the bitter taste of coffee, often give up sugar or milk for less bitterness. I do not add sugar or milk to coffee because I know: I have to taste bitterness to feel the sweetness. Even though I still have to drink bitter coffee, I am not discouraged by its sweet aftertaste. ”A famous saying in Bunny’s coffee world.


Ca phe pha phin va ca phe suaBlended coffee and milk coffeeWhat have I learned?

It is simply moments of enjoying life. This is the principle that I myself achieve for myself to always be satisfied with this life.

Gossiping with friends on a cup of coffee makes my life more rich, fun and close to people. The stories of those around me also made me realize that there are many things I don’t know about life. How happy and lucky I am.

Let the past stories belong to the past

Coffee should only be taken when it is hot. I tried to find the original flavor of coffee after reheating. But it doesn’t help. Coffee is more bitter and not as complete as it was at first. So, I began to know that I must take responsibility for the present, because the past will not be able to recover anything that you missed.

What is your life afraid of without breaking up?

There is one saying: “A cup of coffee in the morning brings great excitement, but no other cup of coffee, either afternoon or evening, can be created.”

Cach pha ca phe tai nha

Every day, I started to have a cup of coffee. Simply because coffee makes me have more energy to do the things I like, I love. Life is simply a series of days when you devote yourself with enthusiasm, boldness and resourcefulness!

My happiness!

Happiness doesn’t necessarily have to be successful in everything. So no one is perfect. Both you, me, and the great men of the era I know you. So don’t follow someone else’s watch, don’t go the other way. More importantly, do not judge yourself according to the standards set by society. Because you are yourself and not anyone else. And only you alone. So, be your own special person. Then you really feel happy

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