Delicious premium coffee – Made from pure fresh coffee beans

100% Special High Quality Pure Coffee, Specially with sweet, sour taste and charming aromatic scent, sweet aroma, less bitter, low caffeine, sweet aftertaste.

ca phe-thuong- hang

* English name: Pure Coffee Special

* Vietnamese name: Ca Phe Nguyen Chat Thuong Hang

* Taste: Nice 100% pure raw coffee beans Arabica is especially sweet and sour, with a charming aroma of sweet, bitter, sweet and sweet, caffeine is medium, acrid, sweet.

* Style: Vietnamese style, suitable for Male / Female

* Preparation: Use with sugar or milk (Hot ice) as you like.

* Ingredients: Nice Pure Coffee Robusta, Culi, Moka …, 100% Clean,

* Particle size: Floor 16, crushed seeds <5%.

* Product code: thuonghang

* How to roast: Roasted brown, rustic

* Content: Caffein> 1.06%

* Unit price: Contact us to buy a lot of good stretch

* Duration: 06 months from the date of packaging.

* Packaging: Packed as diverse as required, with 250g, 500g, 1Kg. Ready mix for service

* Note: Coffee tastes better when it’s hot; Taste intact when used during 8-10 days after grinding; mixed water has brown cockroach, no waving, no candy.

Ca phe thuong hang nguyen chat

Promotions :: We especially have an attractive wholesale policy for shops, cafes, agents, and distributors to periodically order large quantities.

Note: Within Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi, orders from 150,000 VND up to Duong Cafe delivery to your hands. In addition to the area of ​​Hanoi, we deliver goods via express delivery method or the garage is requested by the customer.

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