Discover the process of making natural weasel coffee

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Discover the process of making natural weasel  coffee

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Have you witnessed firsthand the process of producing weasel  coffee? It may sound strange and something a bit scary but it is true that producing weasel coffee. From the coffee beans in weasel  feces, people have produced a particularly delicious coffee, becoming a premium coffee. You must be curious about how people produce and whether this type of coffee is clean and safe. Let’s explore with Duong Cafe!

Weasel  coffee origin

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In 1616, in Indonesia, the farmers discovered a very unique and delicious coffee. Surprisingly, those delicious coffee beans were removed from the feces of weasel. It is known that weasels are very fine sniffing animals. They search and choose food very carefully, only eat clean, delicious foods. Without exception, when choosing the berries to put into the stomach, weasel  often choose very carefully and only eat ripe fruits that are just enough, delicious and free from pests. It is observed that only about 20% of delicious berries are selected by weasels.

Because of the structure of the digestive system, weasel s only digest the coffee shell and will not digest coffee beans. These beans will go out along the feces. The Indonesian people discovered and brought home preliminary processing, creating a strange delicious coffee.

The process of producing weasel  coffee is completely natural

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So, what is the process of producing premium coffee, what is this kind of super product? Right now, Duong Cafe will help you visualize this process.

Step 1: Feed weasel  to a delicious coffee, meeting the highest quality standards.

Step 2: After 3-4 hours of digestion, those coffee beans will follow along with the feces of weasel . In this step, farmers need to pay attention to collecting weasel  feces within 24 hours to avoid outside influences and impacts.

Step 3: Bring to bury and dry by sun, rinse with clean water and then take it to rub to separate the outer shell.

Step 4: These beans are once again dried by the farmers to remove impurities and shells. This stage usually takes place a few weeks under the sunshine of the sun to bring the best quality coffee beans.

Step 5: Roast coffee. This is considered the most important stage, creating the delicious taste of weasel  coffee. If there is no technique or experience of roasting coffee, it is very difficult to have a proper coffee.

Weasel  coffee, expensive coffee

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Because weasels choose only fresh coffee beans together with the stomach of very small weasel , only 100 grams of coffee can be consumed, so the amount of coffee each weasel  can produce is very little, only from 5-6kg per crop. Moreover, the production process is complex, including many stages. Those are the main reasons why weasel coffee becomes an expensive drink.

With relatively high prices, weasel coffee is always sought by coffee lovers. The volume of weasel coffee produced is not always enough to serve the needs of customers because more and more people enjoy and cannot forget the delicious and sweet taste of this coffee.

If you’re a coffee fan, try a cup of weasel coffee, you’ll never forget this unique, new flavor.

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