Discovering Vietnamese coffee culture


Discovering Vietnamese coffee culture

The bitter taste saved in the throat with the sweet aroma spreading in the tip of the tongue made many people ecstatic. And so, coffee goes into Vietnamese culture in a gentle, loving way. People enjoy coffee all the time, during working hours, going out with friends or going to meet partners, … Gradually, coffee plays an extremely important role in the work and life of each person.

van hoa ca phe

However, not everyone understands all about Vietnamese coffee and coffee culture. This article by Duong Cafe will give an overview of Vietnamese coffee and Vietnamese coffee culture.

When did Vietnamese coffee appear?

Ca phe

At first coffee appeared in Western countries, was an expensive drink. The French colonial period and the transformation of our country into colonies was also the time when Vietnamese people knew about coffee. However, now, coffee is a luxury drink, reserved for nobles and French officials. Later, coffee gradually became a popular drink that was popular.

Today, Vietnam is also considered a country with relatively large coffee production. Besides, Vietnam has been building a separate coffee feature with two famous types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. These are two typical types of coffee, making a name for Vietnamese coffee in both quality and taste.

Coffee in Vietnamese culture

Van hoa ca phe

The spicy – bitter – sweet – fleshy of coffee has become familiar with the daily life rhythm of Vietnamese people. It is so deeply ingrained in Vietnamese blood that every morning there is no delicious cup of coffee that feels lacking. The sophistication in Vietnamese coffee culture is reflected in the style of drinking coffee.

Europeans consider coffee to be a stimulant that helps to be alert and alert. They treat coffee as a quick drink. The Vietnamese have a style of enjoying unique coffee, not mixed with any country. They sip coffee sips to fully feel the taste of coffee. By the cup of coffee, they just sipped, read the newspaper, talked to friends or discussed business with the evening, …

Specially, filter coffee is considered the most preferred type of coffee of Vietnamese people. To get a cup of coffee, you will have to wait a long time. And the feeling of waiting for each drop of coffee to fall apart is interesting and exciting. And of course, when there are warm coffee cups mixed, enjoying this coffee is nothing more wonderful. Maybe a cup of pure black coffee, you can add some milk, a little sugar for easy drinking. Depending on the taste and preferences of each person, the mixing method is different.

There is one thing you may not know yet, that is guessing your personality, regional culture through a cup of coffee. Northerners often like to drink coffee, black coffee and very concentrated coffee. Southern people like to drink cold coffee, ice rather than hot drink, the coffee taste is a bit lighter than the North.

The meaning of coffee for life

Y nghia ca phe
ý nghĩa của cà phê

It is not natural  things that coffee becomes the unique culture of Vietnamese people. It all comes from the effect and meaning of coffee beans. The spicy – bitter – sweet – taste in the throat is different emotions.

In the morning, enjoying a cup of coffee will help you form an early teaching habit, enjoy the fresh air tomorrow. Moreover, the cup of coffee also helps you stay awake throughout the day. Coffee cups are also a means for you to discuss and discuss with your partners more effectively. Or gatherings with friends cannot be without fragrant coffee cups.

Coffee has been making our lives more poetic and meaningful. Coffee cups seem to be just a normal drink but have a great meaning. Coffee is also used as a formal gift to send to relatives and friends. That is the typical culture of Vietnamese people.

Being a Vietnamese, not knowing and not drinking coffee is a missing thing. Come to Duong Cafe to be able to feel more clearly the Vietnamese coffee culture!

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