Do you like to drink coffee?


Life always lets us open new doors, meet new people. They may be new and attractive but not everyone can fully lie in two “friendship”. We, too!

New friendship

Me and you have known each other since the first year. Both of them took a specialized class, thanks to a midterm test that became a couple of friends. The friendship between us became even closer when the interest was coincidental. In addition to the lessons on the lecture hall, we often go around the Old Town, to the Lake Bank to eat Trang Tien ice cream. Sometimes he took me to Long Bien Bridge. Then dragged me across the alley, the alley to enjoy the so-called Hanoi street specialty.

When I’m sad, you will tell jokes, you will also buy food that I like. Like that, you became one of my most important things during 2 years of college.

Coffee friendship

You ask: “Do you like coffee?”


“I drink coffee …”

So you lead me into a pretty quiet cafe, with gentle music. This is the first time I came to such a place with you. Because normally if not KFC or milk tea shop, it will be sidewalk snack shops.

You say, now there will be another kind of friendship between us, which is coffee friendship. Sometimes, he defines friendship as difficult to understand. But for me, it doesn’t matter. Any friendship is fine, as long as we always go together.

After a long time of arriving at each weekend, we became the regular customers of the restaurant. You talk to an employee who is about the same age. That girl seems to like your way of talking so all 3 of us have since become friends.

Every time you come, you always call black coffee.

And I always call milk coffee.

Thus, both have one thing in common is to like to drink coffee.

But I always wonder why you don’t add sugar or milk, but just drink black coffee. You tell pure black coffee, but bitter but drinking then will bring aftertaste, but if adding milk, there will be no more coffee feeling.


Somehow, you and I are getting less and less talk even though the weekend is still going out to that cafe. At such times, you always contemplate a cup of coffee, and take a small sip from time to time. And me, sitting opposite you and watching. Look at you thoughtfully, watching you quietly enjoy coffee and gaze to another destination that is not me.


That day, you said, you had a girlfriend, this weekend will lead you to introduce you to two people. I know who your girlfriend is, I just smile and congratulate, because in the end you have escaped a lonely life. I refused to go to the weekend, because I had to go to the practice instructor. The reason is extremely legitimate, because in your eyes, I am a hardworking student.

In early July last year, I and you graduated, she came to congratulate. All 3 laughing together happily talking. You announced that at the end of the month you will enter Saigon, also “with her”. I don’t ask anything, just wish peace and remember contact.

The life of a newly graduated student made me no longer have the mind to think about other things. It’s just that I formed a habit that can’t be left anymore.

Black coffee

Weekend, as usual, I went to that café. Call a cup of black coffee. As you say, “Pure black coffee, bitter but drinkable, will bring aftertaste. If adding milk, there will be no more coffee feeling. ” Perhaps so, I now drink black coffee, sip each sip, one small sip. I enjoyed the bitter taste dissolving in my mouth, seeping into the tip of my tongue and then settling down. A little thought, a little contemplation according to the bitterness of coffee settled on people’s hearts.

The opposite table is a scene where a couple of men and women sit together, enjoying the great taste of coffee. This scene is like taking me to the days of wandering the streets, memories with a person who keeps my heart. I smile, bitter like the taste I’m enjoying.

You have moved more than 1 year. Do you still like to drink black coffee now? Did you take her to the street for snacks, or to another café? As for me, ever since, black coffee has replaced you, become a friend, become a soulmate.

Thuong thuc ca phe chon
Enjoying coffee

You don’t know “I drink coffee, not because I like it. I drink coffee, because I like you. ”


“Love you, is my secret.”

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