uống cà phê mỗi ngày


Coffee is a drink that is popular in most countries around the world. However, many conflicting comments are made about the benefits of coffee. Recently researchers have come to a conclusion about extending the life of coffee. Follow Duong Cafe to get the answer right away !!

A study has been investigated in 10 European countries with nearly half a million people. Researchers have concluded that drinking 3 cups of coffee a day can help you live longer.

This is indeed a good news for those who are followers of coffee. Coffee addicts can now rest assured their passion for this stimulating drink. Wake up every morning, without a cup of coffee, they feel something lacks something. Coffee is their savior, both awake and living longer. Great, excellent, wonderfull !!

uống cà phê mỗi ngày

Investigation of British scientists:

Recently, an investigation by scientists from IARC (International Research Organization on Cancer) and Royal University of London (UK) took place. They have shown that drinking a lot of coffee may help reduce the risk of death. Especially for people with digestive diseases and blood diseases.

Research has been conducted in 10 European countries with 52,000 people who have a habit of drinking coffee. The average age for this study is 16 years. People who drank at least 3 cups of coffee a day had an 18% lower risk of death than those who did not drink. Statistics for women are 7%.

There is still much controversy given. Scientists are continuing to research to find the best coffee. And the reason why coffee helps reduce the risk of death has yet to answer.

Although there are mixed opinions about the benefits and harms of coffee. But this is still the most popular drink in the world. According to statistics, an estimated 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day.

However, coffee is not quite a lot of caffeine. So if you drink a lot, it will cause many bad effects. Especially for pregnant women and young children.

How to drink coffee helps prolong life

Coffee is a healthy healthy drink

Many studies have produced quite conflicting conclusions. There are studies that suggest that drinking coffee can cause cancer. But studies have shown that drinking coffee regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, neurological disease and some other cancers.

Although there are mixed opinions, recently there have been many good signals. Many world health organizations have acknowledged that coffee is a healthy drink.

Drinking 3 cups of coffee a day can help you live longer

On the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, there are good signs. A cup of coffee can prolong people’s lifespan.

Professor David Spiegelhalter, University of Cambridge said, if given the number, drinking a cup of coffee every day will prolong the life of a man about 3 months and a woman about 1 month.

However, research does not take into account all the benefits of drinking coffee. It is also possible that people who drink 3 cups of coffee / day spend more time on social communication and that increases their satisfaction of life and life expectancy.

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