Durian Coffee

Ca phe Sau Rieng

Durian Coffee

Vietnam is a country of origin where many kinds of fruit and agricultural crops are grown.

In addition to the richness of coffee material areas that everyone knows, but there are fruits that are specialty in the south, but not everyone can eat it.

Duong Cafe created the following product line not only for one group of people, but also for creating the creativity, dynamism, and suitability of Vietnamese consumers. Because of the limited number of products, the powdered coffee and Duong Cafe instant coffee products are only available to the owners and discerning guests, the guests have a passion for coffee.

Ca phe Sau Rieng

Therefore, durian coffee lines such as the title, a breakthrough in creativity, we do not create a scented coffee line, but we create a line of coffee that is both healthy and medium. satisfy passion. But the taste of the scent, the original coffee will not be blurred.

I visited a friend when he asked if I want a cup of durian coffee?

My eyes are bulging – I have never dreamed of such a creative and attractive drink. And that’s how I have the pleasure of sipping my first durian coffee. A unique memory in life.

With customers who like durian, they like the taste better, but with customers who do not like durian Duong Cafe saved and created a special taste to retain this customer, the smell of durian is not too bold, the coffee Durian combinations will train them to like durian.

Durian coffee ingredients: dense black coffee, durian, milk, ice cream

You need to try contacting the information below

Durian coffee is an exclusive product of Duong Cafe in Vietnam, you want to try it for free at home: Free trial product, free delivery to your home nationwide, fill out the form below.

If you try it, you will be attracted by the delicious taste and complete taste of raw materials in Vietnam, without going anywhere.

Any individual, shop, agent, company, corporation, organization that needs to try it out to distribute instant coffee, powdered coffee contact Hotline, or fill out the following Form:

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contact us:

address: 107C Minh Khai, Phường Minh Khai, Quận Hai Bà Trưng, TP.Hà Nội
Hotline: 0912 104 901
Email: duongtamthanh@gmail.com   –  info@duongcafe.com

Các Sản phẩm khác: 

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Robusta (250g)

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