Bitter coffee and rain


Bitter coffee and rain

Bitter coffee and rain is a very harmonious blend. When people are sad, people often prefer rain, when they are sad, they also come to coffee. It seemed like it was not related, but it was so compatible.

Bitter coffee, rain and love

cà phê và tình yêu

A lot of life is worrying, making people happy and sad. I am an emotional person and like to reflect on life. Therefore, a very small act, a conversation with an old lady at a bus stop also made me think about many things. People are often sad for different reasons. But I’m sure that everyone is sad when they fall in love. It was a terrible feeling to the extreme.

So am I, I also had a very beautiful love but then we broke up in suffering. That day, it rained, my heart felt more and more depressed. It seems like the rain makes me even more sad. After that day, I went to the cafes more. And I always choose a cup of bitter coffee.

Sipping a cup of coffee, looking at the rain, my heart felt heavy. The cup of coffee is not only bitter on the lips, but also bitter in my heart. Bitter coffee? Yes, definitely bitter. I contemplated that love, in which I seemed to have many emotions. A little sad, a little disappointed, a little angry, resentment. I have collapsed a lot. I had the thought of not falling in love and not getting married. This life seemed to be tasteless. That is life !!

We can’t know what will happen tomorrow. Today is very beautiful, but tomorrow may be completely different. We must learn to accept and adapt to this life.

Bitter coffee, rain and life

cà phê và cuộc sống

But suddenly one day, while waiting for the bus to go to work. I met an old lady, who is 80 years old but still very strong. She told me: “Young people now 25 are still not interested in getting married.” Oh … right thinking don’t want to marry my husband. She went on to say: “The grandchildren, the girls are short-lived, then they can no longer be like the youth.” And I think, that’s right. Hanoi these days it rains very much, my heart never remains calm.

I went back to the cafe and sipped a cup of bitter coffee. I reflected on her words. And I have drawn many precious things. Thank you for helping me regain my faith in love, into life later.

Bitter coffee and rain match the mood of those who are falling in love, are stuck in life. Every time you are sad, go to the coffee cup !!

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