Blue Mountain Coffee is the most popularity in the world

Is one of the most expensive and popular Arabica coffee beans in the world. It originated east of the Blue Mountains on Jamaica. This type of coffee is called Jamaican Blue Mountain to distinguish it from other coffee beans.

With a height of 2000m – 5000m, the Blue Mountains is one of the highest coffee growing regions in the world. The climate here is pleasant, the rainfall is high, the soil is rich in nutrients and good water permeability. The combination of soil and climate creates the ideal conditions for coffee. However, this type of coffee is not suitable for other climatic conditions. Climate change will lead to changes in coffee flavor. Therefore, it is only now grown in Jamaica and Hawaii.

According to coffee connoisseurs, this type of coffee is famous for its mild taste, smelling, less sour, with a little sweetness and richness. The price of one kilo of coffee of this type is now about 100 USD. Japan is the largest importer of Blue Mountain coffee (90% of total production). These beans are also the basis for Tia Maria’s aromatic coffee.

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