Cafe business – the most important thing to succeed

You need to pay attention to what factors are conducive to business operations.

Most thoughts of new coffee businessman think that coffee is an essential product, everyone drinks, can drink anywhere, it is a popular drink so it is easy to sell and business simply because of good coffee drinks are easy.

These thoughts of newcomers in accordance with their circumstances, are not wrong in any way, only business thinking in such a way does not coincide with customers’ thoughts. And after opening the goods for a while without customers, the customers still do not know what their coffee smell is.

What customers want coffee

Have you ever asked this question? There are many business people who do not ask this question but only focus on profit, considering if selling 100 cups of coffee in a day, how much is it, how much is 200 cups, how about 300 cups? Which to reduce costs and increase profits.

The coffee drinkers are of different ages and ages, you will have to rely on the competitive advantage in your product to select the target group of customers, of course that advantage must be formed after the research process. market.

If you suppose you choose a group of young male customers (cafe for men only) aged between 30 and 40. You will have to find out what these customers really want. For example, it is a group of male customers aged 30-40 who like the level of each cup of coffee, they do not like the coloration but they need the style and comfort of the adults, they are not like those young people drink coffee (the quality of coffee products is compulsory, delicious, clean, true)

But in exchange for customers who are women from 23-30 years old, they like the romance and the unique color style.

You will have to study for yourself the characteristics of the needs of customers, in each region, regions with different economic conditions, age, gender, circumstances of different life will have other characteristics. together. For example, people who enjoy other Saigon cafe are completely stylish to enjoy coffee in Hanoi.

From what customers want, to the unique and unique impression of the cafe

Once you know what the “want” requirement is, the characteristics of the customers’ real needs, we must show the action to let the customer know that they are enjoying the coffee that only you have. That thing is called the unique and unique nature of the cafe.

Unique substance and originality can be the coffee with its own special flavor of khhong restaurant, which can be located in the style of store design, can also be added value and free for party customers in the restaurant (such as reading free books), or it may be honoring the level of the person enjoying the cafe.

All the unique values ​​and qualities of the cafe come from the customers’ real requirements, what they want, what they need behind the coffee cup. It is not just a cup of black coffee with a bitter taste, but that uniqueness is the only intangible asset you have.

Understand the needs of customers and meet it, to run a successful cafe business.

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