Coffee and Nostalgia

ca phe la nguoi ban cua canh may rau

Coffee and Nostalgia

I like traveling somewhere, like wandering places that have never been. That is the hobby of an introvert. Going far to return, there is a place to return. That is the family. Missing does not make anyone comfortable, it torments our hearts when we remember it.

cà phê và nỗi nhớ


Coffee and nostalgia. I often choose for myself the quiet, peaceful moments of the collection days at an empty corner. I watched the car go back and forth, each ride was a trip.

I looked at the autumn coming and going many times, every autumn Hue has different colors. In that vast space, memories are a place of nostalgia. I remember Hue even though I was in Hue. I remember the dewdrops lightly covering Truong Tien’s shoulders. Remember the gentle rain enough to let out a little sound. Remember the dreamlike yellow sunshine beads that cover the color of Hue. And I remember the fragrant coffee cups. I remember the small lanes, the coffee streets of Hue fascinated me.

I like wandering alone on the streets of autumn leaves, suddenly feeling light. At that time, I felt like I was able to remember, to reflect, to have a silence. Maybe just sit in a small cafe, listen to the love songs of Trinh Cong Son, Pham Duy or Van Cao. And sipping a cup of coffee, letting go of the smoke, was happy enough.


Nostalgia the most simple things

Coffee creates a sense of lightheadedness. It swirls with the mind and always seduces people with bitterness and strong aroma. I like coffee, and not just milk coffee. Both black coffee and salt coffee by a lot of coffee tastes like the smell of my life that I have been through for twenty-five years. For me, every cup of coffee is like a memory; is a story about life, about the love of fragility … I love Hue coffee seasonally; Every season I find myself a small corner. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with your lover or alone.


Peace from the autumn sunshine

There are many dimensions I immerse myself in nostalgia. I wandered in the sunshine of autumn to watch the sunset. Arriving at the shore of the semicircle, here I saw the sky was very wide. This place is a combination of very green clouds and the weak sun at the end of the day shining down on the roofs of the city. The place to save the lovely memories of our flooded students. At that time, when the afternoon sun suddenly turned off, when the street was lit, we dated again. I sat with friends sitting on the coffee side of the semicircle lake watching the night. Then talk together under the cool wind and talk to each other about dreams and limitations of dreams.

The coffee on the lake is a special place, the hard sheets are replaced with chairs. The students’ guitar makes the whole space feel like dancing. The lake shore is surrounded by green grass, a dating place for couples who have just moved their heads. A spacious place to gather friends. The romantic, romantic scenery of the willow branches will bring the water to the lake surface and the spiritual light but very peaceful. Peaceful as this land itself. Now, when my friends are far away, I often wander and sit alone in this space. The branch of the willow has run out of flowering season and the raindrops through the golden light of the street.


Nostalgia about Hue

Sometimes, Hue cafes let me stay with sadness. At those times, I just needed to sit by the afternoon restaurant, listen to Trinh music and read books, and bothered me. Simple Afternoon Coffee in the heart of the city. A bit of dry lotus, a little wild flower, a couple of old photos with a charismatic definition like a hundred years ago. I chose for myself a beautiful corner, dropped myself into the aromatic coffee scent and heard the sweetness of the singing voice of the chants. In August weather, Considering the afternoon with the scent of memories. The smell of coffee mixed into the mood makes me feel peaceful.

I was like a certain Hue girl looking for a romance in the fall of autumn. Not only me, almost everyone who came to Hue also came to find something interesting but very familiar with the afternoon. The candles flickering through the small doors created the mystery of this particular cafe. The idyllicness of Afternoon has created a unique feature for those who love Hue coffee, love Hue and love the moments of meditation in this land.


The afternoon streets

The pig’s wind may return, sometimes wanting to flee the old love because the memories never fade away. I find myself a quiet place in a noisy life. Next to the casual cafe. Sometimes I find myself a very high place to look, to satisfy my dream. I choose for myself a cafe on the terrace of a hotel. Looking through the glass windows on a building, seeing my immense heart, the green city embracing the Huong River.

The afternoon autumn dew was like a sad love song. If only there was a light rain that could make the glass smudge, Hue would be more fuzzy and sparkling. Here, I call myself an Italian coffee and watch Hue dew. I looked down at the people on the street, suddenly found Hue peaceful, not in a hurry, not jostling. The life here is calm and glides in the heart of the city.

Thưởng thức cà phê

Sadness and Trinh music melodies

Hue is like that, always has a sad feeling. Beautiful sadness like fairy dreams. Hue is the birthplace of talented people of Trinh family, now far away. The old house is still there, still the melodious lyrics never forget. In the past, when Geng Zheng was not closed, I often came. In a simple attic, cups of coffee mingled with the music, golden lights for Trinh’s souls.

Than Trinh is a cultural space of Hue literature artists. It is the destination for those who visit Hue and love Trinh music, remember Trinh. Remembering the first time I came to Than Trinh, the day was cold and my skin was cold, I sat by the window with the purple orchid branch. The space with the cigarette butts turned off with her faint pecking, selling donuts. On a quiet attic, with a hot cup of coffee, the wind whistled in the chest outside. I suddenly fell in love with the twin rays, my numb legs on the cold road to earn a living. Cold night, my heart is also cold. The voices that sounded like a road. I love Zheng, love this attic, love the breath of the echoing lyrics.

Sadness named Hue

When the past rains left a bit of coldness, remember the old days. On rainy days, I often get carried away in the rain and hear him sing. Sometimes we sing the whole long road even though the rain melts into the throat. I happily nestled on his back and chuckled, laughing because of happiness as in the dream I often think of. Happiness seems simple. It was winter, it was still raining, the two of us were soaked and cold, but it was warm inside.

We talked, laughed and said, happy like never before. He is a man who likes coffee, and is always black coffee. But today, I invite him to salt coffee, in a small purple house with love songs. We slowly taste the taste of salt coffee and just feel the bitterness of coffee. The salty taste of salt adheres to the fatty taste of milk foam. All make up the unforgettable taste. In addition to the white rain, the two of them sat on the small corner with yellow light enough to feel warm. And like that, we silently looked at each other.

Remember the times to Hue

In front of us is a Hue color full of poetry, a quiet space. A gentle life appeared as I wished. And because of that, we chose Hue, sticking with Hue to live a dreamy soul. And we believe that in this bitter and bitter life there are always sweet happiness. Sometimes the sweetness I create between the world is full of misfortune.

In life, I believe in destiny. Meeting is also due to predestined relationships. Therefore, predestined people have brought me friends. Hue coffee cups sometimes bring us closer together. Every time my friends return to Hue, I lead them to wander to coffee shops.

We used to sit at the roadside shops, under the cool trees with sunshine on coffee cups. Noisy coffee space is noisy but it is a friendly and close place. We sat chatting with a cup of coffee for less than ten thousand dong. The jokes that laugh and laugh. But there are sometimes only a brief list of three tales of broken tails from the people around. It also makes us happy. The roads in Hue

Running along Chi Lang Street, lyrical road along the Perfume River. The cafe named Hoang Phuong is the place I choose to watch the moon. Under the feet is water, the moon slowly on the top of the head and the water brings the moon closer to me. The moon is very full and beautiful, the first time I saw such a beautiful moon. The moon in front of my eyes and the moon under the water, wandering around nonchalantly. I wish I could catch the moon and remember the old land where a poet who loved the moon and jumped into the river picked up the moon … It was not too mushy, not a person who was too dreamy, but the feeling was never repressed. I can’t suppress my emotions when I see beauty. And I have a way to love my own beauty, and so love the moon, love coffee, love Hue. And like that, every time I remember the moon, I come to the river from early afternoon and sit until late to see the moon.

Nostalgia the fall

When the fall comes, the season of sadness is when I want to wander. The best season for me to radiate my mood. The season for me to be remembered, loved. And the season is around me with the coffee of Hue. Because I love coffee, love Hue as my love. I wanted to melt into the aftertaste of coffee on the tip of my tongue, as if to accompany the lucky wind. And then I realized that this life is beautiful, as beautiful as my sadness. This afternoon, I was wandering again, borrowing autumn raindrops as a nostalgia. I borrowed some late-season lotus and a familiar place to be mixed with coffee. From there I was reflecting and dreaming.

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