Coffee Dark and Pale: Two-color life!

12 cung hoang dao hop voi do uong nao

Dark and light coffee. The coffee story always gives us much thought. A bit rich for the days that seem to be fading. As a stroke end the sad story. A low note for melodious music.

There are always differences in the coffee culture of the two regions of the country. Perhaps throughout the historical length of this S-shaped strip of land, the years of separation have created distant blurs. It is unclear but it makes a difference in everyday culture in everyday life. Style enjoying coffee also goes into the life of two different countries like that. And the dark and light coffee story is of Ha Thanh and Saigon people.

Ca phe Ha Noi va Sai Gon
Coffee in Ha Noi and Sai Gon

Style of enjoying coffee

Saigon people often drink iced milk coffee. Partly perhaps because in Saigon there are only two seasons of sun and rain with high heat background. The “shaking” coffee that has become a beverage of the majority has also gradually changed. On the sidewalk, cool coffee cups join in the conversation about fear, news and life. White coffee is also a drink originating from here. Its characteristic is light, light flavor. Coffee cups are combined with many different spices to create a special flavored coffee that is easy to drink.

Hanoi has 4 seasons: spring and autumn and winter. But during the hot summer days, the favorite coffee is still a rich and flavorful coffee. Hanoi people sit together in the warm and ancient spaces, always exuding the beauty of the time of 36 streets. The most favorite cup of coffee coffee is coffee without added ice and sugar. A taste of original coffee!

Ca phe Ha Noi den dang, ca phe Sai Gon sua da ngot ngao vi nhe
Hanoi black coffee is bitter, Saigon coffee is sweet and sweet ice milk

Style to enjoy coffee

Coffee is dark and light, like two extremes of life. Saigon people are generous and comfortable in life. They often go to coffee for nothing. After a long day of work and living outside of life, they come to each other, to coffee, to do “dense” is their life. One day, like being released, is recharging energy from sweet coffee cups.

Coffee often comes with newspapers. One morning starting with the right hand is a fragrant coffee. The left hand is a newspaper with a bright number. Everything experienced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is taken up with a cup of coffee to debate, consider … Simplicity, more often, Saigon people consider it to be moments close to each other, interact and connect with each other.

Hanoi people are more busy. Besides coffee, they often talk about work or visit. More intimate meetings are usually held in other spaces. The cafe is always a quiet place. The place for gentle relaxing weekends.

Khong gian quan cà phe Ha Noi
Cafe space in Hanoi

Perhaps so, the stories in Ha Thanh cafe are not as loud and tingling and bustling as Saigon. So, speaking, Saigon is vibrant and bustling. Hanoi is slow and gentle.

One Saigon person in the heart of the lonely Capital …

Making a Saigon person in Hanoi will probably have lonely morning moments. When the coffee routine leads you to this drink. While most people do not spend the morning for coffee shops. They are busy starting the day with a cup of coffee at home.

It is difficult to find cafes in the capital that bring a bustling atmosphere like in Saigon. Those who like to enjoy phin coffee are also the class of older people. In that atmosphere, in Saigon, the café space is always entrepreneurs, young people.

Ca phe den va ca phe sua
Black coffee and milk coffee

One Hanoi person between Saigon

There is still a pleasant feeling of comfort in the autumn days with the wind of lucky pigs rustling the flowers and milk flowers, ancient milk flowers. The warm aroma from the cup of coffee makes a day pass and more and more sense of calm. Alone by a cup of coffee full of love about the frames outside the window …

Dark and light coffee. Hanoi people like to drink condensed black coffee without milk. Saigon people drink coffee with lots of cool ice. Perhaps so, the sidewalk coffee in the corner of the Old Town is always rich and flavorful of original coffee. Even when it comes to the last drop of coffee, the flavor is still intact, the problem is in people’s hearts as the thoughts in their hearts.

Ca phe Chon - Qua tang cao cap
Weasel coffee- Premium Gift
Bac xiu hoa tan
Instant white coffee

Understanding this, Duong Cafe has researched and launched coffee flavors exclusively for each customer group. Weasel Coffee flavor is attractive to Hanoi coffee connoisseurs. Delicious white coffee with Saigon people … Duong Cafe will be a reliable address for customers to find coffee flavor that you still miss the most!



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