Coffee grounds + Fresh milk. The secret to help women look more beautiful and gorgeous

Lam dep tu ba ca phe va sua tuoi

Hi everyone, today Duong cafe will guide women to beautify with coffee grounds:

As you already know, coffee grounds work: exfoliate, prevent oxidation, make your skin brighter and smoother. So every morning after making coffee, I don’t throw away the coffee grounds.

Now Duong Cafe will guide 2 recipes for whitening skin from coffee grounds.

Formula 1: Whitening the whole body with coffee grounds

Main ingredients: Coffee grounds (2 spoons), fresh sugar-free milk (3 spoons)

Use fresh milk without sugar: Helps smooth skin, tightens pores and whitens skin.

Before applying the mixture to the skin, note that you need to bathe your whole body through warm water, so that your pores will expand, making the absorption of the skin better.

Ba ca phe va sua tuoi

  • Mix the mixture of 2 tablespoons of coffee + 3 tablespoons of fresh milk without sugar, stir it to a twisted mixture, apply gently for 10-15 minutes to the skin, so that the dead skin cells peel off, the young skin will absorb the milk fresh without sugar, a mixture that helps the skin look whiter, take care to use it twice a week to be more effective.

Formula 2: Whitening facial skin from coffee grounds

Ingredients: coffee grounds (2 spoons), fresh sugar-free milk (3 spoons) and some coconut oil. (2 scoops)

Mix 3 ingredients into a special consistency, before applying warm water to wash your face skin, apply a mixture on the skin to relax for about 15 minutes for the mixture to soak in the skin, the skin will feel dry  then wash with clean water, use your fingers to apply on your face, then use a clean towel to lightly brush on your face, use a rose water to rub the face skin, you will see a smooth and brighter face.

Bac xiu hoa tan

The product of dissolved silver is very good not only for gentlemen and women, because of low caffeine content, helping women become more alert and creative.

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