Coffee is the only thing exists. Other things, yes or no doesn’t matter !!

ca phe dang va em

Coffee is the only thing exists. Other things, yes or no doesn’t matter !!

Every time sad or tired, happy or happy, people often come to the cup of coffee. It seems that the only thing people choose is coffee.

Coffee is a friend when you’re tired

When I was tired, I went to coffee as a friend to help me regain energy. The hustle and bustle of life makes me often have to work almost without a break. A cup of hot coffee, sitting in a small corner. I gave myself the time to enjoy the best of that coffee. A little bitterness to show me this life too. Not a rose or any easy thing, but a stumble, failures.

Just like that, coffee is part of my life. A cup of coffee while working helps me to be awake, get a better job

Coffee is what helps me get rid of sadness

A love affair, an unfinished love affair. It is said, unfinished love always gives the most taste of love. At the beginning, it is romantic, looking forward to every message, every call of “that person”. Just seeing each other is happy and happy. After that, it was a very happy time. Holding hands together through all difficulties and storms of life. Yet, but not everyone can have perfect joy. The love just unfinished. And then, they broke up. And when parting, no matter who is wrong, the most miserable is the girl. It took a long time for me to regain my balance. A little regret, a bit regretful but things couldn’t be changed. At that time, I was quieter, often visiting coffee shops and calling me a “bitter” coffee. Every time I stop in a shop, I come across images that are familiar to me every day. And I remember !!

ca phe dang

Bitter coffeeCoffee is a place to gather friends

Each time gathering friends, there is no shortage of coffee cups. Chats with friends, slashing together. Questions, family stories or stories revolve around the story of rice and rice money. But all, are friends, who have accompanied us on life’s journeys.

In any case, coffee is always the perfect choice. If you’re having similar situations, call a coffee right away !!

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