Coffee makes us strong, calm and knowledgeable

ca phe dang

Jonathan Swifl once said that “Coffee makes us strong, calm and knowledgeable”. Perhaps only that word alone is enough to speak of the miraculous, mysterious spirit of the drink that has fascinated people for a long time.

Coffee has a variety of popular favorites such as black coffee, milk coffee, mocha and cappuccino, … Each has a unique taste, suitable for different people. But all, those flavors converge in a single flavor, the bitter but fragrant taste of coffee beans.


Black coffee cup without sugar

Ly ca phe den khong duong
Cup of Black coffee

Every morning, I often make myself a cup of black coffee without sugar. Everyone wonders, why do girls drink such bitter things? But, having missed the “special foot” into its special flavor, it is still worrying about bitter or sweet.

For me, enjoying a cup of black coffee without sugar every morning is like going through a day in everyday life. The scent of coffee wafts around the tip of the nose, drawing a good prospect for the future. It was beautiful, but dim like mist, could not be captured. Unless, you must enjoy it directly.


Bitterness helps people become stronger

Click the first small sip, as you step out of your home. On the top of the lip is the bitter, bitter taste of coffee. As reminiscent of the hardships and struggles you face in life. Just gently feel that bitter taste, you will find it not so bad. The way to feel and accept bitterness in your mouth is the same way you strongly face the difficulties of life.

After bitterness is sweet taste on the throne

Surprisingly, after the bitter, previous acrid taste, gentle sweetness appeared. It was hidden at present, as shy as a girl of twenty. This sweetness will not be easy to feel if the person enjoying does not overcome the bitter, the acrid. From the bitter taste of a cup of black coffee without sugar to test out this gentle sweetness is like a wise man discovering the great thing. It’s more like the way you calmly overcome the hardships, worry.


Enjoying coffee is enjoying life

Breathing the fresh air of the morning and enjoying a hot cup of coffee is probably not as interesting. Out there are the sunshine through the early fog and I was watching every drop of falling coffee. Drinking coffee in the mood of waiting for every drop to fall is probably the delight of those who enjoy it. Coffee and wait, this makes the human soul become more calm and relaxed. And from there, they made smart and wise decisions.

Ly ca phe den buoi sang
A cup of black coffee in the morning

Drinking coffee is enjoying, enjoying life. The bitter taste of coffee is also the salty taste of life. Is the milk mixed with the sweet taste for life? Perhaps so, but maybe not. But anyway, enjoying life is to master it. Therefore, the beginning of every day begins with a cup of coffee. It will help people become more alert and intelligent before the changes of life.

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