Coffee or Suicide?

Quan ca phe sach

Coffee or Suicide?

Drinking coffee is not the only option you have but that affirms that life is worth living!

People sink in panic, the social helplessness around them. Every bad problem of the individual seems at any time to make us breathe. When you can’t stand it, how will you choose? A cup of coffee to calmly solve problems or negative thoughts of suicide.

Every day, many of us wake up in a digital life filled with information. Many of them are about the horrors that occur all over the world. There is a really serious philosophical issue related to suicide.

Ca phe lam voi di met moi
Coffee reduces fatigue

In 1954, one of France’s most prestigious literary awards was given to Beauvoi, the author of The Mandarins. The main protagonist of the book is Anna. Anna committed suicide by a series of problems around her. She looked at it with indifference. Earth warming, her great love collapsed, her beloved daughter wanted to escape her mother’s embrace. She no longer felt passionate about her career. She always felt sad and painful with these things. Suicide seems like an escape from pain. However, her daughter showed her the effects of her death on others. “The death of a person does not belong to them,” she concluded, because “there will always be people who live with your death.”

If there’s only one cup of coffee next to it, that can’t change too many problems. However, if you consider coffee as an affirmation that life is worth living, choose a cup of coffee and start solving problems.

Ca phe va Cuoc song
Coffee and life

Living is not just when you are breathing. Living is when you actively recognize the value in life, in every relationship you have. People around you do not always give you joy and positive energy. But they are certainly necessary pieces that make your life meaningful.

However, it is easier said than done. It is difficult to recommend someone to embrace life and live enthusiastically when people are depressed. Therefore, each of us must find out what brings meaning in our lives. An easier way to say it is: “Change your life today. Don’t gamble the future, act now, without delay. ”If we consider coffee to be a meaningful part of one’s existence. As an affirmation that life is worth living, choose coffee and start right into solving the problems you are having.

Stictic philosopher Epictetus argues that suicide is morally accepted, but only in the most extreme circumstances. A typical example is given, a house full of smoke. And imagine yourself in it. “Don’t believe your situation is really bad. Nobody makes you think like that. You can choose to stay indoors or out there. Remember, the door is always open. “The choice depends on you.” If you really think the situation is very bad, step outside. But if you stay, you accept to do whatever is necessary to live a life worth living. And you will be responsible for those things, with your own life.

Ca phe - lieu thuoc cho cuoc song
Coffee – medicine for life

We should live every single minute. Create your own life here and now!

So, what makes life worth living. It is about making each of us useful to others. Improve relationships with the people we love. Contribute to making the world better. Or simply do the things we love! If we do things we don’t like or don’t matter, we’re wasting the only resource we can’t get back with money. It is time!

So, what you should do now is get a cup of coffee. Then focus on evaluating and creating meaningful relationships. Dreams to pursue. Useful things can help people and things to learn for themselves. The decision about suicide or having a complete cup of coffee is yours.

Coffee is known for its amazing uses

Tan huong cuoc song cung ly ca phe
Enjoy life with coffee

Both short and long term. The long-term health benefits that coffee brings are noted in the following points. In coffee contains many antioxidants. These substances help slow the aging process of the body. Best known for slowing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Besides, there is an impact on life expectancy and critical diseases. Scientific research has demonstrated that drinking coffee reasonably helps prolong life compared to those who do not use this drink. This is also proven by coffee to help prevent dangerous diseases. Such as cancer, cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, seizures …

The quick benefits of coffee make them the most popular in the world. It is the effect that is alert and less tired. This is also the solution to your difficult and stressful problems. Coffee brewing is the number one choice for those who are in this situation. Caffeine in coffee will help your brain become more alert. The body becomes more flexible and flexible. Thus, repelling stress, fatigue and drowsiness.

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Ca phe Chon Kopi LuwakWeasel coffee Kopi Luwak


Qua tang Ca phe Chon Cao cap

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