Coffee – the language of love


To start a love relationship, couples take coffee as an excuse to meet. When I fell in love, coffee became a stop. Sitting together, sipping a cup of coffee and saying a few stories also became a date.

Coffee cup of sweet love

Loving a person and loving a coffee flavor seem to be two separate problems. But, seeing someone who loves a certain coffee flavor is enough to understand what it is like to love someone.

Do not have impurities but deposition

Both love and coffee need time to experience, to understand each other deeply. When you taste a delicious cup of coffee, you initially feel the bitter taste. You may not like it right away, but the longer you will feel the sweetness. Love, too, will have a strange feeling at first. But gradually, that new feature became familiar, then it was indispensable.

When people are really absorbed in love, people are often very faithful. Even if they cannot go together on the same path later, they still remember each other. The feelings for each other are still as full as in the beginning. And coffee is the same, if anyone who has been immersed in that bitter, sweet and greasy taste is hard to stop.

Emotions, constant aftertaste

Enjoying coffee is the best way to express the various emotions in love. It includes bitterness like jealousy, anger. Next is a little sweet, gentle like feeling eager to wait until trembling heart. No matter how diverse the flavor is, the last is still the sweet aftertaste of happy couple. In general, it is still the common water that looks in the same direction.

First love is hard to fade

People say, first love is an unforgettable love. Even though the first love may not go together to the end of the end. But in the heart of each person still has a place for his first love. Coffee is no different. If the taste of your favorite coffee is gone, people would rather wait than not switch to the one you don’t love.

That’s why people can drive for hours just to enjoy their favorite taste, at a familiar restaurant. That is why, despite all the love affair, the first love still occupies an important position.

Taste the unforgettable coffee

Understanding that, Duong Cafe gives you the experience of special coffee flavors. You will fully understand the emotions when you love with a cup of warm, aromatic coffee. Who knows, you will find yourself a true love. By now, cup of coffee is still the starting point for the love story of the couple.

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