Coffee travel around the world

bản đồ cà phê thế giới

Coffee travel around the world

Same coffee, but nowhere else. Each place makes a variety and richness in the world of coffee drinking culture.

  1. Italy: Espresso

Italy is not a coffee growing country, but is known for many products made from coffee. Typically espresso. Espresso is an integral part of Italian culture. Although it’s almost like cappuccino, espresso is so rich and delicious that anyone must be surprised. The brown foam on the surface contributes an important part to creating the scent of coffee. Espresso is often served in the form of take-away coffee. But Italians usually only enjoy coffee at breakfast. They do not enjoy coffee all day like in Vietnam.


2. Turkey: Turk Kahvesi

A famous proverb of Turkey described this coffee as follows: “it is black like hell, strong like death and sweet like love”. It means the irresistible charm of this drink. A cup of thick coffee is often served after dinner, along with Turkish chewy candies.

  1. Denmark: Kaffee

Along in Europe, the winter in northern Europe is cold and dark. Therefore, the Danes drink coffee quite a lot. This country is always in the top coffee consuming countries in the world. Coffee has become a part of Danish coffee culture. In Copenhagen, you can easily find packaged coffee products.

  1.  France: Café au Lait

The French have a style of enjoying coffee quite similar to Vietnam. The shops here are often decorated both inside and outside. French people often start a new day with a cup of hot milk coffee. Especially they often use coffee with breakfast. Coffee cups are usually quite large so that they can put the bread together

  1. Cuba: Café Cubano

In Cuba, they drink a lot of coffee and whenever the day is over. A cup of concentrated coffee for breakfast or after a meal is a great thing. Coffee here is quite popular. They are an integral part of Cuban culture

  1. Saudi Arabia: Kahwa

Middle Eastern countries are often known for wealth and prosperity. In Arab countries, drinking coffee is in many social rites. Older people are always served coffee first. Unlike other countries, they do not use pastries with coffee. Instead, there are jams. A tea or coffee party also often has a few fruit jam to soothe the bitterness of coffee.

  1. Netherlands: Kaffe

Black coffee in the Netherlands is widely used. A cup of coffee with a cookie is the perfect choice. Caffe used any day.

  1. Ireland: cocktail Coffee

Coffee served with cocktails is Irish after-dinner drink. Unlike anywhere else, coffee here is used with alcohol. Irish coffee includes hot coffee, Irish whiskey, solid sugar and cream on the surface.

Initially, this is a drink for tourists to travel here when not accustomed to climate. But after that, this drink led more and more to the locals.

  1. Mexico: Café de Olla

Particularly in Mexico, they use cinnamon when drinking coffee. A little pungent aroma of cinnamon, blended with the aroma, bitterness of coffee. This is a very good drink for cold days. Coffee is brewed with cinnamon in an earthenware pot, giving the person a natural bitter taste with a sweet and spicy hot taste.

  1. Ethiopia: Buna

Rarely, who knows Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. To drink a cup of coffee here is not easy. You have to go through a complicated ritual that lasts up to 2 hours. Buna – how to order coffee here is often served with salt and butter instead of sugar.

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