Decrypt weasel coffee, the most premium and rarest coffee on the planet

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Decrypt weasel coffee, the most premium and rarest coffee on the planet

Each day, a cup of coffee in the morning will help you stay awake and energetic. Like other common coffees, weasel coffee has a unique flavor that helps you lucid to work all day.

Currently, weasel coffee is being hunted and searched by coffee’s believers around the world. However, those who do not have a deep understanding of coffee still have doubts about this coffee. Some people think it’s just myths. Some people doubt whether this coffee is clean and guaranteed when processed from mink. Please follow the article of Duong Cafe to know more about this coffee!

Ca phe chon Viet ra thi truong the gioi
Vietnamese weasel coffee goes to the world market

Drinks from animal manure

Just hear that this is a kind of coffee produced from animal manure, everyone is frightened and hesitant. Many people do not dare to try it. But people do not know, weasel coffee has an extremely delicious taste, completely different from popular coffee.

According to the story, in France there is a boss who does not allow farmers to drink coffee because this is a rare and quite expensive drink. The farmer took the coffee beans from mink, then processed and processed a kind of coffee to enjoy. It was unexpected that the coffee that tasted delicious especially any premium coffee could not match. It has a characteristic flavor, a gentle fragrance that makes farmers extremely fond of it. Later, mink beans became the secret to creating delicious coffee beans.

Reasons for weasel coffee are scarce, and prices are “exorbitant”.

Production of weasel coffee is very limited and scarcity seems impossible to meet the needs of coffee believers. According to statistics, each ferret can only digest 100 grams of coffee beans every night. Corresponding to 5-6kg of coffee for each crop. Therefore, the amount of mink produced is quite small. The most famous Kopi Luwak coffee company also produces only 200-300kg per year. Therefore, this type of coffee has a high price and selling price, up to several tens of millions per kg of coffee.

Duong Cafe cam ket ca phe 100% Chon
Duong Cafe is committed to 100% coffee as weasel coffee

From a kind of coffee that is thought to be waste, weasel coffee has become a super drink. This luxury drink is only for merchants who have money. This is a daily drink of the elite in developed countries.

Coffee transforms in stomach weasel to become a super product

Scarcity is not the main cause of weasel coffee becoming the most expensive drink on the planet. Which is important quality. Mink is a very gourmet animal, eating only delicious fruits, especially coffee. During the coffee season, at night they begin their journey of finding food. The most delicious, ripe, and free of pests are their choice.

The beans are not digested by the stomachs of the weasels will go out in the feces. They only digest the coffee, and the beans are not digested. But what makes the delicious, attractive taste of coffee is an enzyme produced by the weasel stomach. This enzyme will break down the inherent protein structure and create a special, aromatic and attractive flavor.

Thus, when roasted, these beans become harder and brittle. The bitter taste of coffee also decreased significantly. Create new flavors, different from regular coffee.

How to prepare weasel coffee?

Roasting coffee is the most difficult stage and decides the quality of weasel coffee

Coffee is satisfactory or not due to both production process and coffee roasting technique. The production process produces quality weasel coffee beans. The roasting of coffee creates the flavor of coffee. Roasting coffee is an extremely complicated and difficult stage. Because of the decision to taste the product. So, how is coffee roasting right? This is always a question that many people care about. Because if roasted improperly, it is considered that the batch of weasel coffee is fails and the losses are extremely great. Fire and temperature must be moderate. With a temperature of 230-240 degrees in a few dozen minutes. With such temperature and time, all bacteria, microorganisms are completely decomposed, the beans will gradually turn brown.

When the beans start to scent and crack, you turn off the stove and take the coffee out of the pan. This operation needs to be quick, otherwise coffee will burn and cannot be used.

If you are a coffee believer, please come to Duong Cafe to have the opportunity to enjoy the most delicious and quality coffee cups. You will never be disappointed about our beans.

ca phe chon
Weasel Coffee of DUONG cafe

Duong Cafe Co., Ltd currently sell on markets weasel coffee products such as Kopi Luwak and Weasel. These are two products that are extremely loved by international friends. With excellent taste and quality, we offer our customers 100% pure coffee.

Duong Cafe’s Weasel Coffee is always loved by partners. They choose Weasel coffee to make high quality and luxurious gift for relatives and customers.


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