Delicious and famous types of coffee in Vietnam

Ca phe Arabica - Son La

Coffee is the favorite drink of Vietnamese people. But you may not know all the names of famous coffee. Today, Duong Cafe will help you add the names of delicious coffees!

Vietnam’s natural conditions are suitable for growing and growing coffee trees. Therefore, our country is the second largest coffee exporter in the world. Not only in quantity but also in coffee variety. Vietnamese coffee is famous for being the best coffee in the world.

Arabica coffee

Ca phe Arabica nguyen chat

Arabica coffee is also known as tea coffee, usually grown on an altitude of 1000m – 1600m. Large canopy, dark green leaves and oval shape. After coffee beans ripen, they are harvested. Then ferment to get coffee beans. Before being finished coffee beans they are washed and roasted to increase flavor and color. Arabica coffee has long and large seeds. The aroma is gentle but passionate, sour. This is a very popular coffee.

Arabica coffee cup is light brown. Depending on each person, there are different ways of feeling about taste. However, it is mainly a gentle taste with a charismatic sourness. Gentle, charming fragrance.

Moka coffee

Cach phan biet ca phe that va ca phe gia

Moka coffee is a genus of Arabica. Moka is more famous because of its gentle taste but deeply absorbed and fragrant. Moka coffee is grown in Cau Dat area – Da Lat. The name of Cau Dat Moka Coffee is also noticed by its unique quality and taste.

Moka coffee tree is only suitable for planting in areas with elevations above 1500m above sea level. So few places can grow and produce this kind of coffee. Therefore, Moka coffee is very rare and has a higher price than many types of coffee of the same type.

Robusta coffee

Ca phe robusta

Also known as Robusta coffee, Robusta coffee is grown in the Tay Nguyen. With large volume, this is the most popular type of coffee in Vietnam. Unlike Arabica, Robusta has a hemispherical shape. Soft aroma, bitter coffee flavor, not sour.

Robusta coffee has a distinctive brown color, rich in flavor, suitable for Vietnamese tastes.

From the famous coffees on Duong Cafe, many different types of pure coffees are created. With a unique blending formula, Duong Cafe provides almost all customers’ needs. Bring delicious coffee to customers at the most attractive price.

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EXCELSA Gói 250g

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