Did you know how to choose the right coffee for yourself?

Ca phe Hoa tan Huong vị moi

Coffee has many health benefits. And you are deciding to add them to your daily ration. Then follow the article below to choose for yourself the most suitable coffee flavor!

Lua chon huong vi ca phe cho ban than
Choose coffee flavor for yourself

Depending on your preferences, we choose a separate coffee for ourselves. Once you get used to a certain taste, it is very difficult to change. This is the same as when you give up coffee. Duong Cafe please give some suggestions.

Firstly, Taste coffee

Coffee is the drink with the most characteristic flavor. It’s hard to mix with any other drink. Taste is something that everyone is most interested in when choosing a coffee. A brand for yourself. On the market today there are many different coffee flavors to meet the diverse needs of every customer. But the prerequisite of a delicious drink lies in three factors. Flavor, Taste and Color. Depending on the different types of coffee, these 3 factors may be different. But overall, coffee must have aromatic scent, mild bitterness and brown wings.

In the stages of coffee processing, roasting is the stage that determines the taste of a cup of coffee. Roasting is an art. Even though coffee beans are the most expensive Mink Coffee on the planet. If the roasting process is not technically secure, a cup of Mink coffee will not hold value either. At Duong Cafe, we apply the most advanced roasting technology. Combined with long-term work experience of experts. Coffee batches always ensure the best quality

Cac dong ca phe hoa tan của Duong Cafe
The instant coffee lines of Duong Cafe

Standard coffee beans must be regular brown coffee beans. The fragrance is strong right after roasting. Depending on the type of coffee and the demand for coffee, it is grinded with many different sizes.

Second, Coffee type

Vietnam is one of the few countries where nature is favored to grow this plant. The popular and popular coffee beans of our country are exported to international markets.

Arabica is a famous coffee with sour and mixed taste. The cup of pure Arabica coffee is light brown, clear of amber color. The fragrance is elegant and luxurious. Enjoy an Arabica coffee, you will feel an attractive flavor of fruit syrup, sweet honey flavor. Arabica is a great gift for European countries. Due to their taste, it is very popular with the sour taste of coffee compared to the bitter taste.

Robusta is the most popular type not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. Robusta coffee is very suitable for Vietnamese tastes. With a strong flavor, Robusta is used to create unique coffee flavors all over the world.

Moka is associated with the name of Cau Dat – Lam Dong Vietnam. This is a famous Vietnamese brand loved by international friends. From this kind of Cau Dat coffee, Mocha glass that Duong Cafe creates has a strong flavor, distinct attraction, hard to resist.

In addition, there are many types of coffee with many unique flavor characteristics. But most of the coffee in the market is mixed between many different lines. This creates a lot of different flavors of coffee. This is also one thing that makes this drink popular by the majority.

Ca phe ngon la phu hop ve gu thuong thuc cua nguoi dung
Delicious coffee is suitable for users’ taste

Third, coffee style

Gu coffee is usually determined by age and gender. Men are suitable for strong, strong coffee lines. Women often prefer softer coffee tastes. Bitter taste, blending sour and sweet taste. Besides, many people like to drink iced milk coffee. Gentle taste for a refreshing drink. Or pure coffee for the original strong flavor.

Duong Cafe has now launched different types of coffee. To meet the needs of different users. Conquering even the most fastidious coffee lovers. Duong Cafe’s coffee lines are suitable for any way of enjoying customers.

Coffee products are divided into 3 lines, serving separately for each individual needs and objects. Here you can easily choose for yourself a suitable coffee. Not only taste but also taste and demand.

Coffee Mink _ Class Gifts

Mink Coffee is always known to be the best and most sought after coffee by the elite, successful entrepreneurs and people with status. Expensive prices, excellent flavors are comments for mink coffee. At Duong Cafe, we are committed to 100% pure mink coffee. Hand-selected by the experienced farmers themselves. Two products of Kopi Luwak and Weasel weasel coffee will bring to customers the most luxurious and classy.

Ca phe Chon - Qua tang Dang cap

Coffee Mink – Class GiftWeasel Coffee – Class gifts will be a meaningful gift for the elite, coffee connoisseurs, successful businessmen and senior leaders.

Specialty  Powder Coffee

From the large farm in Lam Dong, Duong Cafe always complies with the strictest coffee processing and care process. Bringing to consumers the pure grain coffee products. Excelsa, Moka, Arabica, Robusta and Queen coffee lines will help cafes, restaurants and hotels attract customers. Create a personal impression of the products offered.

Cac san pham ca phe cua Duong Cafe duoc don nhan va yeu thich
Duong Cafe’s coffee products are well received and loved

Instant Coffee New flavor

Duong Cafe after many years of research and development has produced many new flavored coffee lines. Not only bring convenience to users, but products of Duong Cafe will give you a completely new experience. Silver, Coconut Coffee, Chocolate Coffee, Black Coffee and 3-in-1 instant coffee. Suitable for all subjects, serving all the needs that Duong Cafe always aims to.

Ca phe Hoa tan Huong vị moi
Instant Coffee New flavor




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