Does the book café business still have a place in the market?

Ca phe va Cuoc song

Does the book café business still have a place in the market?

Cafe book business is a very great idea. In Vietnam, this model developed a few years ago. But is this model still growing? Let’s go with Duong Cafe to find the answer !!

 Trading in book cafés in Vietnam today

The combination of books and coffee is a very logical combination. Just reading a good book, while sipping a cup of coffee is nothing more wonderful. Turn the cafe into a miniature library. Coffee and books are the two most peaceful things in this busy life. In Vietnam, there are many successful models such as The Coffee House, Urban Station, Trung Nguyen, Highlands Coffee, or Starbucks international brand, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, New York Dessert Café … But not many firms have not stayed be on the market.

Quan ca phe sach
Cafe books

However, the book coffee model has not really been widely responded by the public. There are a few bookstores in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with nice views, delicious drinks, quality books. For book lovers, this is an ideal place to go.

How many books do Vietnamese people read a year?

According to statistics, the average Vietnamese reads 2.8 books a year and 7.07 newspapers a day. This number is extremely modest compared to many countries in the world. France and Japan have numbers up to 20 and even Singarore is 14, Malaysia is 10. What do Vietnamese people do during their free time? Unlike books, social networks are used by many Vietnamese people. Vietnam is one of the leading countries in terms of social networking time. Is this the reason why today’s youth is more “insensitive”. Is it that young people lack sympathy for each other, lack of basic knowledge to revive before the waves of life.

How is book cafe accepted?

The appearance of the book coffee model in recent years has become an elegant one. Those who love books are definitely interested in this model. Coffee books are not only an ideal rendezvous for good books. But this is also quite suitable place for meeting partners, colleagues. Swimming here is quite quiet and comfortable place. Sip a greasy coffee, track every detail of the story. Elegant animals of so many people !!

Which café elements does the café business need?

  1. Who are the customers you target?

Cafe book offers products and services that are quiet space and book treasures. Therefore, the customer segment you target is intellectual entrepreneur, coffee connoisseur, crushing books and love quietness. In addition, the student segment should not be ignored. Young children’s books, stories or philosophies are the topics read by many young people

Kinh doanh quan ca phe sach
Coffee book business
  1. Where is the frequently visited customer place?

It is also important to choose a business location. After the customer segmentation is complete, you need to draw a specific business plan for choosing a business location. Many risks stalk, especially for start-ups. A wrong choice can also lead to failure. Business locations need the following elements:

– Attractive, open space

– Near agencies, companies, urban areas, residential areas

– There are areas for parking

– Light enough, not too bright, dark

– Good ingredients and mixing methods

– Rental price suitable

  1. Design shop – bring the owner style into the shop

It is very important to define the style of the shop with the owner style. The arrangement of tools, space of lamps, shelves, tables and chairs of each person’s own style, This just avoids rambling or non-oriented design. But also help impress customers. There are customers who come to the shop next time because of good books, good drinks., .. But there is one thing that quite a lot of people also enjoy but when it comes to the shop, remember immediately. That is the shop space. Especially when the trend of “virtual living” is increasingly indispensable for the meetings. Maybe just because the shop is beautiful, people often come. Therefore, you need to pay great attention to the design of the shop space.

khong gian quan ca phe sach
Space of book cafe
  1. Select appropriate books

Updating good and hot books is a must. But make sure your audience is the one to choose the right book. If office workers or business people are sure to read books about business, famous managers, successful entrepreneurs. As for students and students, the first stories, mythological myths are the first choice. In addition, it is necessary to enrich a variety of titles so that customers have more choices, such as magazines, newspapers, jokes, etc. Meeting the diverse needs of customers is also a way to collect smoking customers back to the shop next time.

  1. Finally, there must be effective channel marketing

Marketing is an indispensable step for any model or business. For a particular café like book coffee, the choice for managed campaigns is quite diverse compared to other traditional cafes. Without this step, your business model will fail. Moreover, using social networks as much as Vietnamese people, Marketing is more important. Customers will find the shop via their own website or facebook before going to the shop. Not only that, many customers also choose to use online services, not offline. So you need to invest

In short, the book cafe business needs a lot of factors to be successful. Therefore, you need to have a specific business plan before you start working to avoid unnecessary risks.


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