Espresso coffee

Ca phe espresso

Espresso coffee

Learn about Espresso coffee – CHALLENGE YOUR TASTE

There are many names in the world about different types of coffee, because of the difference in the material area, the difference in preparation, so we will see the interesting of each name. Associated with the history of formation and development of each type of coffee, Duong Cafe will reveal a type of coffee name that everyone is curious about, namely, Espresso.

Espresso is actually the name of a method of making coffee, not the name of a particular coffee. A good coffee.


Espresso coffee is made by machine, using hot water compressed by high pressure through finely ground coffee powder. The water used to prepare Espresso coffee is pure water, and the coffee used to prepare it is also made of roasted, non-marinated impurities. This is the characteristic of an Espresso coffee machine – it cannot work if using impure or marinated coffee.

Espresso is the basis for barista to create creativity: from bold roasting or brown roasting, cappuccino or latte preparation, strong flavor or mild taste … to make the best drink from this coffee.

Ca phe espresso

Deeply explore espresso

Let’s start with the basics: espresso is a drink made by compressing a small amount of water at a near evaporation temperature and running it through a smooth coffee. Under the pressure of water, all the ingredients of the coffee are separated by the phenomenon of absorbing hot water through a soft compacted coffee. Water carries solutes, oils, and even insoluble substances into the cup.

There are two basic layers of espresso separation: the crema layer and the liquid layer.

Crema layer made of CO2 foam is surrounded by water and oil. Crema also includes coffee and emulsifying oils found in coffee beans. This layer can be very bitter and have a lively debate that should be stirred before drinking to mix the layers together or not.

The main component of separating espresso is the liquid formed by solutes, gases, and insoluble substances. This is the part that makes up the taste of the espresso we love.

Don’t think that this crema will be as soft as cream or peanut butter. It is a beautiful part of espresso shot but it is not really “delicious” as you think.

Ca phe espresso ngon

 How to make Espresso?

For a delicious Espresso coffee, it is necessary to use a dedicated brewing machine, but if you do not have the experience with the mixing machine, you can follow the classic style by using a bottle phase called “Moka Pot” or “Moka Express”

However, the classical style seems complicated and requires a lot of technology so it is necessary to use an espresso machine to make delicious, simple and crema-rich espresso. In this machine hot water 88 ° C to 94 ° C is pressed at an initial pressure of about 9 bar (bar is a pressure measurement unit) through a finely ground coffee powder. The flow time must be 25 seconds. If the appropriate amount of water flows faster than the flavors are not dissolved, the water flowing through the coffee powder too slowly will have too much dissolved bitterness.

Espresso coffee machine

Espresso is literally “pressed”. This method of mixing uses hot and steamed water through roasted and pre-ground coffee with high pressure (ideally 9-10 atmosphere), which makes coffee dense 1-15 times more than coffee compared to water. Common methods. A cup of espresso is black and concentrated juice with a very high concentration, so the volume is limited to less than 20 ml.

A delicious espresso cup needs a layer of reddish brown foam floating on the face called crema (cream). The espresso shop is a café that serves this kind of preparation. Guests can order coffee to drink at the counter, or can sit at the table and order service at a slightly higher price.

What is espresso? Hopefully with this article, you will distinguish this famous coffee. And don’t forget to order a cup of Espresso to feel the difference!

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